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Learning resources for cultivating Agile Self-Leadership, Agile Goals, and Agile Self-Coaching and Self-Advocacy skills that go beyond just providing tips and offer

“WD-40 for your mind, your goals, and your life.”  

Strengthen your personal agility, loosen up any painful stuckness in your life, and tap into your inner fountain of resourcefulness for creatively addressing your personal challenges.

Learn strategies and skills that empower everyone, but are especially necesssary for creative, gifted, ADHD and neurodiverse people to experience the adventure, freedom and self-confidence that comes from letting go of “control” and living in the Agile Zone.

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Personal Agility combined with self-leadership, self-coaching and self-advocacy skills unleashes your ability to

  • Liberate yourself from unhelpful emotional and cognitive habits such as chronic overwhelm, frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination, indecision, clutter, and disorganization.
  • Design an agile lifestyle and creatively organize agile spaces that fit your unique needs, change easily when your needs change, and serve to optimize your overall functioning, wellbeing and quality of life.

I’ve synthesized my 30+ years of experience as a performance improvement consultant, coach, leadership development facilitator, teacher, team leader and project manager to many of the Fortune 500 to

EVOLVE a revolutionary set of skills and personal development tools that

EMPOWER creative, gifted, ADHD and neurodiverse people to 

EMBRACE their natural aptitude for self-leadership, agility and design thinking.   

ACCEPT yourself as you are and FOCUS on your strengths.   Learn how to 

DESIGN creative, practical solutions to fit your unique needs and lifestyle

and use life challenges to enrich your personal growth.

The Art of Agilizing - Designing your way to success Iteratively

Working with you has changed my whole life and saved my marriage.

My husband says it was the best money we ever spent. My kids are so happy we aren’t fighting all the time now… You are AWESOME! Thanks for giving me and my family a chance at a better life.”

– Sandra C.

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I look forward to sharing my work with you and would love to hear any comments or feedback. For now, thank you for exploring this site. Wishing you much peace and success.

Free Toolkit

agile life design and agilizen toolkit, ezine by Ariane BenefitThe Toolkit contains links to classes I’ve given, with lots of free videos, videos and handouts to help you get started designing OCD (overwhelm, clutter and disorganization) out of your life.






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Like me, this website is a work in progress.  To help me focus and manage my own perfectionist tendencies, I purposefully apply the 80/20 rule before publishing.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a website or blog online at all. Thanks for understanding!

UPDATE  July 2017

With an aching heart, I officially closed my coaching practice in 2016 and retired because due to health challenges, I have been unable to accept new clients or work full-time since 2014.  I want to thank everyone who has worked with me since I transitioned in 2005 from corporate consulting to personal coaching and started one of the first organizing, productivity and decluttering blogs in 2005.

It has been my honor to work one-on-one with hundreds of private clients and to lead group coaching and classes with thousands more.  I always felt like I had to get the books and articles I’ve written out there as quickly as possible, which is why I turned to blogging…turns out I’m  glad I overcame my perfectionism and produced and wrote as much as I could — while I was able.  Not being able to finish my book series on the 10 Mantras of AgiliZen makes me sad, but I take comfort in knowing that I shared so much of it in articles on this website.  So for now, I’m leaving the website up as a public offering.

Eventually, I hope to release recordings of the classes I delivered on each of the 10 mantras — but even that requires work I just can’t do right now.  If I can get the liver transplant I need to get my life back, maybe I’ll come back to this…but realistically, most people in the NY region die while waiting.  This is because there is a 3 year waiting list and to get on that list, because you have to be near dead – even if you have a willing live donor.   Only people who can afford to move to a region or country with a shorter list, can be somewhat assured they might get a liver transplant before serious damage is done to the rest of one’s body.


As I’ve always taught, I try to focus on what I still can do even though life is an extremely unpredictable roller coaster for me now.  There aren’t many things in life that don’t require you to be functional every day, but I found one thing…volunteer activism.   My experience with so many of my clients who could not afford health insurance, or who had been bankrupted or financially devastated by medical bills, and with our own employer-provided insurance over the last three years, has converted me into a staunch advocate for National Improved Medicare for All – HR676.

Whatever energy I have left is devoted to educating and working to achieve Public Health Insurance that covers everyone.  I pray that soon ALL of us have the same kind of health security that every other civilized country has – quality healthcare for ALL – regardless of what job you have, age, gender or income.  Even some relatively poor countries have better healthcare options than we do.  It breaks my heart.

I used to think that Single Payer meant government would take over and I was against it.  Boy was I wrong.  I believed the myths and propaganda that is spread by the lobbyists, public relations agencies, news media and advertisers that receive billions of dollars from the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  My goal now is to be part of the massive people’s movement to get the truth out about the single payer, publicly owned, non-profit insurance options that would give us much better healthcare and much more true freedom of choice.  We don’t need to choose which insurance company we will allow to restrict us with their in-network choices, deductibles and copays, we need to have guaranteed full coverage and choice of any doctor, anywhere, in any state.

Here are some links to resources I have created.

Watch & Learn: Free Universal Healthcare, Single Payer Education, Medicare for All, Videos, Documentaries and more


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With much love and light, as always,