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Ariane Benefit M.S.Ed. –   Thought leader, designer, coach, productivity healer,  and founder of AgiliZen  and Agile Life Design™ – Framework and toolkit for designing life to support optimal functioning, fit, flow, flair and flourishing.

Serving natural agilizers and outliers who are creative, gifted, neurodiverse, ADHD, ​and ready to breakthrough conventional approaches to navigating life (time management, life balance, stress management and organizing) and uplevel their performance and life satisfaction by cultivating personal agility.


Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed. is a highly sought after life and business design coach, mentor, and productivity healer.  Ariane is the founder of  AgiliZen™  and Agile Life Design™ – a human-centered approaches to cultivating personal agility and meaning in life.  AgiliZen™  and Agile Life Design™ provide unconventional tools for navigating the unscripted life and responding to the life, work and productivity challenges with confidence.

For over 30 years, Ariane has used her own life as an experiment in using design thinking + personal agility to make meaning out of life’s often brutal realities and to design fulfilling mission-driven work.
In the quest to make a living doing work that fits her unique talents and human limitations, she “accidentally” healed lifelong struggles with chronic depression, exhaustion, overwhelm, and disorganization — thus began the mission to articulate the principles and processes of Agile Life Design.
She uses her own recovery from “addiction to achievement” as an opportunity to live what she teaches every day.

Ariane’s popular Neat and Simple Living Blog has appeared on numerous top productivity blog lists and continues to receive over 20,000 page views each month. Ariane’s deep expertise and experience with healing chronic disorganization, clutter and productivity addiction has been featured in such notable publications as The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and The Washington Times.

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Her best-selling book on Amazon, “The Neat & Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office” received rave reviews from readers and productivity professionals alike for it’s down-to-earth, honest and unique approach to helping people assess their needs and design their own custom, agile organizing systems.

Her practical yet deeply insightful perspective on designing your environments and your whole life to “fit” you is particularly appreciated by outliers, neurodiverse, and exceptionally gifted, talented and highly sensitive people everywhere.

Prior to establishing her personal coaching career in 2005, Ariane spent over 20 years serving as a performance design, learning design, and change management consultant to many of the Fortune 500 including UPS, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Ryder, GE Aerospace, and non-profits such as PBS.
Ariane earned a multidisciplinary Masters’ Degree in Education, (Combining Psychology, Technology and Business) from the University of Miami in Coral Gables in 1983.
She is married to her great love and best friend, Alan, and resides in New Jersey where they love to garden, hangout with friends and family and take care of their five fabulously furry felines.
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Ariane has been a featured speaker at several international conferences. She has authored hundreds of workshops, self-paced instructional books, and web-based performance support programs. Her work has been published in professional journals. She has coached and led teams of 2-25 people to successfully accomplish a wide variety of performance development projects.

In 1993, she launched her own consulting firm “Bridges to Performance” and has been the master of her own destiny ever since.

She is a member of the Self-Management Institute, ICD, CHADD, ADDA,  Attention Deficit Disorder Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.



Ariane is deeply committed to continuous learning. Highlights of her ongoing professional development include:

  • Master’s Degree in Education (Adult Learning, Psychology, Instructional Systems Design, Human Resources Development, Organization Design, Technology)
  • Bachelor’s in Spanish (minors: Psychology, Sociology) University of Miami, FL, 1981
  • Graduate, Denslow Brown ’s “Coach Approach” for ADD Organizing, 2006
  • Over 60 hours of training in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Motivational Interviewing Strategies
  • Over 40 hours in various coach training programs
  • Group Process / Team Facilitator Certifications (Conexus and “Spirit of Facilitation”)
  • Level 2 Specialist Designation in Chronic Disorganization
  • Level 2 Specialist Designation in ADHD Organizing.
  • 9 Certificates Awarded by NSGCD (Representing Over 140 hours of additional training)
    • Basic ADD Issues
    • Learning Styles and Modalities
    • Understanding the Needs of the Elderly CD Client
    • Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges
    • CD Client Administration
    • Basic Physical Conditions Affecting the CD Client
    • Understanding the Needs of the Student CD Client
    • Basic Hoarding Issues

 Additional Training

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Values Clarification
  • Diversity Training
  • Personality Type Assessment
  • Facilitating Change
  • Performance Appraisal and Development
  • Software Systems Design
  • Instructional and Performance Support Systems Design
  • Coaching for Performance Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Life Cycle Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Assessment


  • Effective Listening. Communications Skills (Certified Instructor)
  • Teambuilding Facilitator Certification
  • Leadership, Management & Supervisory Development
  • Creative. Critical  & Strategic Thinking
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Change Process Facilitation
  • Accelerated Learning Systems
  • Toastmaster’s Certificate

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