Online and Evolving since 1993 – My Digital Timeline

My agile philosophy takes inspiration from many sources.  I have several themes, symbols and metaphors that help me simplify my understanding of the complexity of agility.  I share a few of those with you here.  Many of these are parts of the branding I have used in all my previous businesses.  I love how they have all retained their meaning to me, and yet have become part of a bigger story in the evolution of my whole life. I see them now as chapters in my story.  : )


Here’s a few of the chapters in the story of my online legacy and evolution of my agile philosophy…

2014  Distilling the next iteration of Aglizen into a cohesive curriculum and set of books.  Getting ready for Agilizen 2.0.

2013   Agilizen – The 10 Mantras of Self-Leadership

Launched a full year program teaching the 10 Mantras.  Created and delivered the pilot Foundation Program teaching skills needed to implement Agile Life Design and Master the 8 Dances of Life.

2012  Agile Life Design

Created a delivered a pilot curriculum teaching Agile Life Design, ADEPT Design Model and the 8 Dances of Life.

2011   Becoming Agile and Becoming Ariane Benefit again : ) 

My personal and business Reintegration. Making sense of all evolutions of the past 5 years. “Becoming Agile” is being born. Joined Elizabeth Marshall and Janet Goldstein’s Mentor Program to help me cultivate the content of my work and rebuild my foundation for sharing and publishing the body of my life’s work and all that I have been teaching for the past 5 years with clarity, purpose and simplicity.

Oct. 2010 – May 2011  Quantum Productivity

Joined Andrea J. Lee’s Mentor Program to help me through the complexity of my evolution that I could not contain on my own. I gave birth to Quantum Productivity and 5 full day video webinar coaching and learning programs which were a resounding success with my clients and community.  Before I could even get these programs published, Becoming Agile was begging to be born!

2009 Published 3 of my audio-workbook e-learning programs

 Creativity and Disorganization  (includes 35 page e-book PDF)

 Getting Unstuck: 8 Keys to Overcoming Chronic Disorganization and Cultivating the Gifts of ADD and Creative Personality Type  (includes 13 page PDF booklet)

 Overcoming Perfectionism: 


2008 -2010 Getting Unstuck Program – Whole life Coaching for Women with ADHD

2 years of leading, weekly group coaching and classes in an intimate private online community setting group of women of 50 – 100 at a time. Over 350 women participated in this program over it’s lifespan. Further deepened my Learning about what it really takes to overcome the blocks to agile performance.  Developed hundreds of hours of teaching with the theme of becoming agile (though I was calling it getting unstuck and become flexible) emotional processing, needs assessment, decision-making, relationships, perfectionism, procrastination, handling criticism, handling “failure”, embracing imperfection, agile project management, iterative approaches to decluttering and organizing, critical thinking skills to empower decision making, boundary setting, relationship skills, listening to resistance, thinking like a designer, financial management, money management, paper systems design, overcoming overspending and more.

This program helped make it affordable for women to work with me for 2 full years and without realizing it, leading this community introduced me a whole new audience for my work. It gave me a chance to do longitudinal research.  In other words I got to see in depth
1)  how women really applied my teaching in their real lives.

2) how to better teach the skills that make you CAPABLE of engaging in transforming your life.  and

3) What kinds of people needed these skills.  All kinds of women joined this program.  Many did not have ADD.  They were neurodiverse though.  Most were, like me, “addicted to insight” which is a way of describing the personality trait of “hypersystemizing”

All the while I was teaching, I was also healing my own PTSD and I was transforming my own life at more and more rapid pace as I myself was continuing to master the art of becoming agile.

2008 – Lotus Bridge is Born 

[The Lotus Inspires me:  I wrote this for Lotus Bridge.  Lotus Bridge was the beginning of breaking out of the “organizing” container I had built for my self.  I moved into whole life coaching with the Getting Unstuck program. ]

 Like the lotus flower that blooms even in the most challenging of environments, you CAN overcome the challenges in your life. Even though your natural personality traits (like Gifted, Talented, Intense, ADD and highly creativity) make you vulnerable to emotional reactivity, impulsivity, and distractibility, you can succeed.

The Lotus Bridge is an actual bridge that connects China and Macau – two countries that speak different languages, have dramatically different cultures and drive on opposite sides of the road..

The bridge not only connects the two countries, it facilitates people in switching from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left side. (I love this as a metaphor for brain differences)

My philosophy is that even though your natural brain differences like really high creativity, or having ADD create challenges for you in a “vanilla” world, you CAN learn to use your gifts to succeed in your own unique way.

That’s my mission. To provide Coaching, education and support that empowers you to DESIGN more success into your life!

“No matter how bad it seems now, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to
get unstuck, design more fulfillment into your life, and step into your true calling so that
you can achieve more of your potential.”

2008 Published Book version “Neat and Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office” Sold out 2 print runs of 500 within 5 months (In 2010 Realized it had to be updated to 2nd edition but Quantum Productivity was being born : )

2006 Published E-book version of “Neat and Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office”

Started with a seed when I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a story on Organizing and Careers.  It evolved from a 20 page freebie to 150 page ebook that I sold.  It sold over 1000 digital copies

2006 Neat Web Solutions

(Business Coaching and Web Design and Development to help small businesses develop their web presence profitably)

2005 – 20011 Neat and Simple Living
Organizing Coaching services, Deepening my Learning about the blocks to agile performance.  Synthesizing and seeing the connections between ADHD, Creativity, Chronic Disorganization, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Trauma, PTSD, addictions, conflict, clutter, impaired productivity and more.

2005 Let’s Clear Your Clutter
During the period of transitioning from corporate consulting to personal coaching, teaching and writing, I gave several public classes and workshops live.  This was one of them. It is a book also that I have never published.

I also have a blog call “It’s not about the stuff” that I inherited from Jessica Duquette when she left the online blogging work.  I also inherited a blog called “The Psychology of Clutter” from Dr. Amy Ragan when she left blogging.  I think they both sensed my passion for this work and trusted me to use their work in some way.  They just gave me the work…I didn’t buy it.  They didn’t want their contributions to just die…and I will use them.  It’s coming….: )

1996 Ariane Benefit Consulting

1993 Bridges to Performance (Corporate Performance Consulting)

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