Coaching Services – Being Redesigned

My coaching offers are being redesigned.  This page is under construction.

When you change the way you see things,
things change.

When you change the way you see your Self,
your whole life changes.

Ariane Benefit, Life Coach, Career coach, Relationshipship Coach, ADHD Coach, Neurodiversity Guiding people to realize their potential, do work they love and live healthier, less stressful more fulfilling lives is my mission in life.

My specialties include working with “neurodiverse” people who have creative personality types, are gifted intellectually and/or empathically, have ADD / ADHD, or anyone who has  problems with time management, attending to routine tasks, prioritizing, chronic disorganization and clutter.

Being gifted, creative or ADHD can feel like both a blessing and a curse.

Having ADHD (or a creative personality type with right brain preferences that prefers to “keep options open”) can turn completing the most mundane of daily tasks into a living nightmare. Boredom with repetitive routines, indecision, high sensitivity and reactivity, distractibility, and frequently changing your mind are hallmark traits of many neurodiverse personality profiles including giftedness, having ADHD and being highly creative.

These traits, left uncultivated, often lead to what I think of as the “silent screams of our souls”— low self-esteem, depression, stress disorders, addictions, overspending, poor boundaries, chronic fatigue, perfectionism, procrastination, disorganization, chronic overwhelm, excessive clutter, and traumatized attachment to things and information over people (AKA hoarding behavior), just to name a few.

When you are experiencing any of these, your life is trying to get your attention in a REALLY big way.

Agile Life Design is about listening deeply to the messages your life is sending you and using them as feedback to help you design a better life.

Listening to yourself is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires becoming agile in heart, mind and body and cultivating the habits of self-respect, self-compassion, and self-leadership.

Coaching with me goes deeper than just working on external structures.  Depending on your needs, we identify what your strengths and “bright spots” are, what’s blocking you, what beliefs or “default settings” need updating, what skills and habits need to be cultivated, and how to help you become your own life designer and coach.  This may involve learning:

  • Agile Goal-setting
  • Agile Self-Leadership
    • How to lead yourself instead of trying to control yourself to do things
    • How to observe your own behavior and give yourself feedback with less judgment, more compassion and set yourself up to enjoy playing and winning the game of getting things done
    • How to cultivate self-respect and self-confidence using honest self-acknowledgement instead of fake affirmations, praise or punishment
    • How to harness natural distractibility into purposeful “scanning talent” and creativity
    • How to turn natural impulsivity into an asset, for example,  using “pause and scan” combined with “mindful trigger design” that turn “impulsivity and reactivity” into “agile responsiveness”
    • How to use your natural resourcefulness design and agilize new solutions to old problems
    • How to harness the power of your natural love of learning, feedback and achieving mastery into the way you get things done.
  • Agile Decision-Making
    • How to clarify your needs and resolve conflicting needs, values, and interests
    • A decision making process that is compatible with your natural way of thinking
  • Agile Self-Advocacy
    • How to establish personal boundaries
    • How to say no gently, graciously, and confidently without over-explaining
    • How to deal effectively with criticism, rejection, mistakes
    • How to manage expectations
    • How to define personal standards of “enough”  “success” and “done” so you can release the pressure that is overwhelming you
    • How to design and organize workspaces, systems, and workflow infrastructure that help you get what really matters done


“I asked Ariane to coach me on a very specific task. However, from our work, I soon realized that my reluctance in accomplishing that task was related to my bigger picture of how I handle things in general. By getting help in one area, other areas became unstuck. Ariane allowed me to let my guard down to uncover a lot of these false beliefs about myself and my life because she’s been there too. There is no judgment. I am getting better – it’s possible.

– I. S.

“I’ve worked with coaches in the past, but Ariane is different. She doesn’t impose a one-size-fits-all strategy, but develops one tailored to who you are and how you work. With her help, I’m more productive than I’ve been in years!”

– R.D.

Read more client references here

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4 thoughts on “Coaching Services – Being Redesigned

  1. Hi Ariane, I have read only snippets of your work – but feel inspired to read everything… I thought I’d read everything once I have done the dishes and put away the clothing, Ironed the new clean clothing – and all the other unorganized things are sorted – that’ll be never!!! – so when my baby is asleep tonight I am doing a night vigil to see how much I can learn from your toolkit and videos!! I have a fashion degree, want to start my own business – cannot fathom where to begin… have a nine month old at home with me, and cannot even organize my home, never mind start or even finish projects, I’m overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time – I feel like I need peace and quiet and a couple of hours of it – just to get a hold of the thoughts that are circling in my mind all the time… I take Lorien for PND – but I think I have latent PTSD from childhood experiences – and ADHD throughout school – but never took any meds during school, cannot focus, cannot plan ahead, feel like a failure… but don’t want to feel this way, I want to succeed in my career… this is but the tip of the iceberg of my frustrations, I am afraid to bore anyone reading this with all my issues!! I have also always been anemic and have been trying to find the relationship between iron deficient anemia and depression – I am going to go to my GP for blood tests and try to figure out what’s really going on in this body and my mind… I cannot be so messed up that I cannot lead a normal life, I want to enjoy my son and live to the full for him… I don’t want him to suffer due to my inefficiencies… I would love to work with you… for the first time in a long time – I don’t feel totally alone and lost in this world…

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