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2014 – What’s Happening with AgiliZen? 

The 2013 AgiliZen Foundation Program was a great success!  I am thrilled with the results and currently working on the next iteration — building a multimedia version of the program to make the learning even more powerful and flexible. I’m also designing a new website dedicated to AgiliZen.

Sign up for my ezine and visit the Agilizen Facebook page to receive updates when the plans and design are ready to be announced!

10 thoughts on “AgiLiZen – 2013 – Home

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  2. I’m so glad to see you bouncing back again, Ariane!
    Based on my experience with your previous programs, this will be an incredible learning and growing opportunity for everyone involved!

    • Thanks so much Karen. It’s certainly been a challenging star to the year, but I remain optimistic. I don’t know this will turn out, but I do know that whatever happens it’s going to turn out okay cuz I’ve learned to trust myself to make the best of every experience. I hope to help people learn to feel that way about themselves. It took me a lot of years to learn it. Hopefully I can help others learn faster than I did! :)

  3. I have been reading about your ‘quest’ to find the right word. Love it! Makes me feel like I am not a crazy person. I am a mother, wife, and a 3rd grade teacher. I am really thinking hard about joining your AgiliZen.

    • That’s Awesome Jamie! We’d love to have you! We have other teachers in the program, one is working on a book! Some are working on decluttering projects, paper organizing,time management, job searching, resume development, getting a blog and website started…really ANY goal can be agilized into reality! Agilizing is about looking for the small and simple “easy button” first steps to get you ready to start with low risk. We’ll be sharing tools to help you do that AND also helping you.

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