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What is AgiLiZen™?

AgiLiZen™ is about designing and cultivating a way of approaching your daily life and work that fits you and

  • empowers you to experience the satisfaction of knowing your own value
  • fosters the courage you need to work through your fears, doubts and anxieties and take smarter risks, make tough decisions and resolve conflicting interests
  • nurtures the confidence, skills and habits you need to trust yourself to rise to the occasion, get things done and function in the “Agile Zone”

AgiLiZen™ is  about cultivating the habit of agilizing your way through life as an alternative to seeking what others call “self-control.”  AgiliZen is what you feel when you can define what enough really means to you. 


 AgiLiZen™ is kinda like yoga.  In yoga, just one pose works out your entire body, mind and spirit.    AgiLiZen™ provides tools, mantras and practices that not only strengthen and tone your prioritizing and follow-through muscles, they calm your mind from overwhelm, indecision and free your spirit to live from your heart.  You no longer feel like you have to make excuses or apologize for being different. 

 AgiLiZen™ is a framework that integrates the latest in neuroscience, brain-based self-understanding, personality and learning styles, leadership, critical thinking and decision-making skills, mindfulness, attention and habit cultivation, emotional resilience skills, conflict resolution skills, communication, and agile goal design with cutting edge productivity concepts like Kaizen, LEAN and Agile.  I know that sounds like a lot, but here’s the thing.  I’ve studied all of these and more so that you don’t have to!  

The integration and synthesis of my 35 year  unstoppable quest (I’m 54 now) to understand

  • why I couldn’t make myself do anything
  • why I was so smart and capable and yet also so vulnerable to anxiety, depression, procrastination, clutter, addiction and exhaustion


of my 30+ years of training and experience in performance improvement, learning psychology, human potential development, leadership development, team-building, values clarification, ADHD coaching, and in healing PTSD, anxiety and depression is here.  

I’ve synthesized my work and teaching into a set of ultra-simple strategies, mantras, keystone habit and tools called AgiLiZen™  

In short, AgiLiZen™ is my way of teaching how to “Agilize” your way to getting things done with ease without overscheduling and without having to “make” or force yourself to do things.  Life does NOT have to be a constant war with yourself.


You are different and you need a different kind of owner’s manual for being YOU. 

Agilizing is not just planning. It’s not just organizing. It’s not just simplifying – or facilitating – or strategizing – or communicating or delegating – or improvising – or optimizing – or making something flexible. 

Agilizing is all that and more. It means doing what it takes – just enough,  just in time – to ensure something happens.  It’s about

  • Orchestrating conditions for success
  • Making things easier to change and flex as you go
  • Focusing on meeting the ever-changing needs of the moment and letting go of unproductive attachments to solutions when they no longer meet the needs
  • Nurturing instead of grading your performance
  • “Charismatizing” your goals so that they inspire and intrigue you into action
  • Figuring out easy buttons for getting started and getting to done – your way 
  • Cultivating a relationship with your To Do list so it serves you and no longer makes you feel overwhelmed or inadequate on a regular basis
  • Getting pickier about what you put on it in the first place.  


Who is AgiLiZen designed for?

The program is designed to provide unconventional tools for AgiliZers: unconventional, uncommon, neurodiverse people.  Whether you are gifted, addicted to insight, have ADHD, a highly creative personality, or suffer from chronic disorganization, clutter, overwhelm, procrastination and / or indecision, AgiLiZen is here to help you understand yourself better, cultivate Radical Self-acceptance and design your own way to follow through on your priorities. 


4 thoughts on “AgiLiZen – What is AgiLiZen?

  1. I am chronically disorganized and also experience procrastination,anxiety,
    depression and am recovering from addiction. What you say resonates with
    me so much. Help! I feel trapped! I am a children’s librarian and I function fine
    in some areas, although I am always getting comments about my disorganization and my messy office. Home is worse…I can’t let anyone in because I would shrivel
    from embarassment.

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  4. I was sure I just saw “finding your Easy Buttons” in this copy, and now it seems to have disappeared.
    Great line if you wrote it.
    Feel free to use it, if I just made it up! :)

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