AgiliZen – 2015 PROGRAMS – ON HOLD

STATUS UPDATE – February 2015

My new program calendar is on hold for personal reasons.
Unfortunately, I can’t commit to delivering new group programs at this time.


when or if new programs become available in 2015,
please join my mailing list.
Thanks for your understanding!  


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Are you struggling with

  • Letting go of clutter?
  • Figuring out how to juggle work and life?
  • Saying no gracefully?
  • Asking for what you need?
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Dealing with critical feedback?
  • Getting started?
  • Establishing healthier self-care habits?
  • Getting through this Holiday Season with greater ease?


Here’s what past participants in my group coaching programs have to say about the unique design of my programs. What I find fascinating is that the people who submit testimonials to me are often the ones who were the most wary of joining a group because they have had so many disappointing group experiences.







What is the AgiliZen approach to accomplishing goals about?

As I’m coaching, I will also be teaching you how to coach yourself using the AgiliZen approach to S.M.A.R.T goals as a kind of troubleshooting guide to help you get unstuck and into action.  To learn more, here are a few resources.

FREE ARTICLE –  The Agile Approach to S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Here’s a taste of of some of the video clips I’m making for the groups.  This one relates to the “T” standing for Temporary.   Hope you like the music and find the captioning helpful!

 Thinking about working with me as your life coach or ADHD coach?

If you are serious about working with me as your coach, I recommend joining one of my groups first because:

  • You get to learn more my coaching style for a fraction of the cost of private coaching with me.
  • People who have been in one of my groups receive priority when a new individual coaching slot becomes available. For the last 3 years my practice has had a waiting list and available slots have been filled with group participants.


How do I know if an AgiliZen Coaching Group is right for me?

This is such a unique approach to coaching there is no way to be 100% sure.  I know you’ve been disappointed many times. I have too.  To help you decide, I’ll share with you who the groups are designed for, and offer questions to ask yourself.

The AgiliZen tools and these coaching groups are designed with my *tribe* of natural *agilizers* in mind. My tribe are people who are not easily controlled. We are highly intelligent, sensitive, creative souls who love to learn and also happen to have neurodiverse brain wiring. We don’t respond well to being coerced, forced or ordered or told what to do. We don’t just dislike boring routines, they can feel physically painful to us.  We are often great problem solvers though. We are known for our highly inventive, creative and out of the box solutions to problems other people may not have even noticed were problems.

We don’t simple love to make things better — we feel alive, useful and deeply fulfilled when we are able to save time, save money, make something easier, right a wrong, fix something that is broken, relieve someone’s discomfort or pain, solve a puzzle, achieve a goal, or design a simple solution that works. We feel alive and thrive only when we are regularly challenged and feel confident we can rise to the occasion.  Too little challenge = Boring.  Too much challenge = Overwhelm.   AgiliZen is about discovering and building our capacity to live in our sweet spot – our personal “agile zone” of optimal functioning that respects our limits and empowers us to test them by setting SMART agile goals.

AgiliZen offers mindset, tools, habits and skills that empower you to make the most of your natural brain wiring.  I offer holistic, intuitive coaching which includes:

  • Deep compassionate listening to all parts of you
  • Validating and advocating for the parts of you that have been misunderstood
  • Asking insightful, thought-provoking questions and helping you answer them
  • Offering honest feedback that enables you to see bright spots in your challenges and grow them and also shines light on blind spots so that you can work with them instead of fighting them or feeling defeated by them
  • Articulating, acknowledging and cultivating your strengths
  • Teaching you how to coach yourself (cognitively and emotionally) to put  learning into action and fine-tune performance by making strategic mistakes and learning from them
  • Learning emotional skills, and cognitive processes and habits that enable you to make better decisions and manage your workflow, workload, energy, focus, goals, commitments, distractions, lifestyle habits and relationships.

If you resonate with any of the following, chances are you will be a great fit for this highly custom collaborative approach to coaching.

  • Highly intelligent, gifted and capable, yet struggle with making certain kinds of decisions
  • ADHD  or  ADDish traits
  • Tend to get bored with routine work, prefer creative problem-solving type projects
  • Love learning to the extent that it’s distracting (addicted to insight)
  • Are used to many things being easy so feel frustrated when things that “should be” easy are challenging
  • Tend to procrastinate on certain types of goals, projects or tasks
  • Sometimes can’t decide where to start, fear getting “stuck” in tasks, or fear that if you stop before you finish, you won’t get back to them.
  • Have a history of cyclic disorganization, create systems then abandon them
  • Tend to collect certain kinds of things; e.g., books, gadgets, professional journals, art supplies, their kids school and art work, clothes etc.
  • Have experienced deep emotional trauma and may have a bit of social and/or performance anxiety, and/or addictive personality traits
  • May be a child of parents who had hoarding, clutter or organizational challenges

Many of the participants in my programs are highly educated professionals including coaches, therapists, teachers, educators, lawyers, nurses and or medical, consultants, programmers, designers, web developers, writers, social workers, artists, personal trainers and librarians. In fact, disorganization, clutter, self-care, emotional intensity, and time management challenges are the most common sources of *secret shame* that gifted and talented people have.

People like us face unique challenges in life.  We are often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and all too often even traumatized by our seeming inability to develop healthy self-care habits, become organized or to let go of certain types of things.

As a result, we often lose faith in ourselves, and get caught in a cycle between feeling highly capable and then feeling deeply frustrated, exhausted, depressed, and anxious. We tend to be wary of groups in general and feel like no one out there can understand or help us.

But we also keep hoping.

I have been there.  I get it. agilizing-what-matters-goals-coaching I am a very different kind of coach and this is a very different kind of coaching.

My mission is to share with you the AgiliZen approach to self-leadership versus controlling ourselves to accomplish our goals. My intention in these groups to show you how to:

  • more fully accept and respect yourself as you are,
  • embrace your gifts while also owning your limits, and
  • give you a whole new set of experiences and tools with which to troubleshoot your challenges.




Ask yourself, “Am I willing to…?”

  • Try something different and see if it COULD be right for me?
  • Open up and be deeply honest with someone who might actually
    really get me and not judge my challenges as trivial, stupid or silly?life-begins-at-the-end-of-your-comfort-zone-a
  • Become aware of blind spots including beliefs and standards that aren’t helping me reach my goals?
  • Consider the possibility that I am valuable and worthy just as I am – even though I am also ready to evolve and grow?
  • Learn an easier way to live with my unique brain and personality traits?
  • Release the struggle and suffering and learn ways to make the discomfort that comes with being different more bearable?
  • Share my struggles and triumphs in a private setting with like-minded people who share similar challenges?
  • Practice taking baby steps and allow myself time to integrate new skills?
  • Give myself time to “ease into” the experience, make mistakes, learn what I can and resist pressuring myself to get it “right” the first time?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are a great candidate to get a lot out of AgiliZen coaching groups!


Are you ready to discover a whole new way to experience success and overall life satisfaction?

If so, I invite you to join us and jump start the empowering inner transformation of AgiliZen. We’ll help you rediscover and reclaim your true potential so you can get on with sharing the gifts you have to offer with the world.

It’s never too late to start experiencing life with self-acceptance, self-confidence, and a sense of wholeness.
You are NOT defective just because you are different.
You can’t “control” the brain you were born with, but you can learn to roll with it and make the most of who you are.

Whatever happens, even if all you do is listen, you will learn a lot about yourself and begin the most important journey of all…to fully accept, appreciate and respect yourself.

Whatever you decide, I wish you a peaceful holiday, faith in your yourself, and much to be thankful for.




p.s.  feel free to ask a question using the comment box below!



THE FINE PRINT –  Terms and Conditions

By joining this program you are confirming that you have read and agree with the following terms and conditions.  You will need the following to participate fully in this program.

  • If you wish to be coached you must be able to dial into the webinar by phone. 
  • A Facebook Account to participate in the members only online discussion groups between sessions.
  • Join our group mailing list with an email address you check daily to receive  reminders, recording and important updates.  I observe a minimal email policy.
  • No refunds will be given once the program has begun.
  • We do our best to make recordings available, but please understand that even with our double backup recording system, it is possible that technology may fail.

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