A New Way of Thinking about the Emotional “Self”

Our self is NOT composed of a “wise, mature, rational self” and an “immature, childish emotional self”.

That way of thinking is not only biased it’s completely false. What’s worse is that this myth is one of the most insidious contributors to our broken mental and emotional well-being.

Our emotional self is a VERY wise heart-brain with a wisdom of it’s own. It is the seat of our personal power, the engine of our behavior and the source of our ability to connect with each other. It fuels us with the energy and drive to implement anything we are in full alignment with our total selves about.

Isn’t it time we showed some respect and made peace with ourselves?


Thanks to Andrea J. Lee for this tidbit:

The Decision Education Foundation and its decision science researchers are very clear on this point: a good decision is one that agrees with both head and heart.