Agile Self-Leadership – Think of the parts of yourself as an inner team you lead – not control

I find that when self-control is either not an option, or simply not working, thinking of myself as having an inner  team requiring agile self-leadership is extremely helpful in getting things done. My team members are:

1. Inner Visionary – The Imaginative Self and Inner Delegator

The part of me that thinks about what needs doing or what is possible, what could be, thinks ahead and sees so much potential.InnerTeam-agile-self-leadership


2. Inner Designer and Agilizer

The part of me that listens to the vision, and to all the other parts of me and designs strategies to manifest the vision.

 I have taught this part of me listening and negotiation skills.  This is my creative solution design and problem solving self.

3. Implementer / Inner Doer 

The part of me that is mostly nonverbal and actually physically gets things done.  It includes my emotional self and my energy source.

 It will take action to either

  1. gain something it needs, values or enjoys or
  2. avoid something it doesn’t understand, can’t handle, or isn’t ready for – EVEN if other parts of me want it. 

My inner doer is constantly doing it’s own decision-making and cost-benefit analysis.  If my inner doer is not feeling respected, or is not buying into the goals and directions of my inner visionary, it tends to shut down.  

My inner doer does not just take orders without understanding them.  If this part of me doesn’t get why “it’s worth the price” it will resist and challenge.  Especially if my visionary self is going 500 MPH and my inner doer (body and emotional energy) is drained.  

My inner implementer goes on strike when it feels neglected or abused.  It must also feel capable and confident that the task or goal can be accomplished within reason before it will act.  My body and energy are constantly taking in information and assessing my current safety, threats to my emotional well-being, risks of not getting needs met, and also how likely I am to experience a feeling of reward or pleasure from what I am asking myself to do. 


4.  Inner Observer / Facilitator Self (Mindsight)

My inner facilitator is the part that observes the other 3 and monitors the state of harmony in everything I do, think or feel.  This is where our capacity for “insight” comes from.  When it pays attention and listens, it is really good at noticing what is happening between the selves, and negotiating expectations.  When I listen to the resistance, I discover all kinds of juicy information that helps my designer figure out even better solutions based on an alignment of all my needs.  When I give it enough time, patience and attention, it’s really good at gaining consensus as to what will actually get done, and to what standards.

When this part of me has been trained to constantly look for what wrong, instead of facilitating it becomes my inner critic and tends to “judge” and critique everything I do.

This is the part of me that notices whether or not I have the “infrastructure” and  environmental support needed to implement what the visionary part of me is asking me to do.  It wasn’t always this way…I had to teach my facilitator to look for readiness and if I wasn’t ready to take the time to become ready before diving in.  Instead of procrastinating, I focus on agilizing and cultivating my readiness.

My inner facilitator is the part of me that I taught  how to organize,  resolve inner conflict, gain alignment and clarity, and lead the rest of me to get things done instead of bullying myself.


 p.s.  This is just a glimpse of what I teach in Agilizen Mantra 4 – Cultivation Agile Self-Leadership

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