The Power of Tiny Actions to Change your Emotional Life: Could you use a little “salt in your soup” today?

Efforts, no matter how small, are the ingredients of every accomplishment. Just a little salt in a soup can transform it from bland to delicious.  Makes you really want to take the next spoonful, right?

So it is with even your tiniest efforts.  A little acknowledgement of your efforts and ignoring of your disappointments and flaws is like that salt…it makes all the other ingredients taste better, AND it inspires you to take the next little step.  : ) 

Today is my birthday — and I could not have designed a better example of how this works than the effect that all the notes on my Facebook wall today has had on me today –

Every expression MATTERS.  

Each little note counted. I feel deliciously inspired to keep going in spite of all the things I did not accomplish this week while I I’ve been sick.  Each one contributed to illustrating the power of

1) Simply noticing someone in a kind and compassionate way

2) Expressing the smallest little acknowledgement of their heart, intentions and efforts and

3) Completely ignoring their imperfections for a few minutes.

4) Taking the pressure off – You let me know that I don’t have to be “finished” and do everything right to be worthy of noticing and being supported.  You let me know that even my imperfect attempts to be of service to you matter. 

No “buts”, no “if onlys”, no expressions of disappointment, no pressure to “get it right”.  

Just taking a minute to suspend all judgment and simply see someone is so powerful. Like getting out of a plane and walking so that you can really take in the scenery – it changes everything.

Call to Action

Would you take a moment today to slow down and

  1. See your own heart.  
  2. See the beauty of your intentions.  
  3. See the value of your tiniest efforts.
  4. To TRUST that your tiniest efforts MATTER.  Even MORE than your accomplishments.

Your efforts ARE what add up to success.  When you focus on making the tiniest effort…the accomplishments will take care of themselves.

Would you try taking the pressure off “getting results” just for a few moments and acknowledge your “efforts” just to see what happens?  

You don’t have to predict and control outcomes — After all is said and done, the most interesting and satisfying accomplishments are often the result of being “distracted” from your intended outcomes – noticing an opportunity, dropping what you are doing and seizing the moment.(like writing this article.)  Inspiration really does have an expiration date.  (Thanks to the authors of “Rework” for this nugget.)

The Real Source of Success is NOT what it seems to be…

In looking back, most of our favorite accomplishments actually come from unplanned inspirations…from changing course…

  • not from “consistently controlled daily action”
  • not from “following the path” 
  • not from “sticking to the plan” or from insisting on getting the outcomes we envision.

Will you?

Will you take a moment today to

  • notice and acknowledge your own efforts while ignoring the disappointments? 
  • to notice the efforts of a loved one to make you happy?  
  • ESPECIALLY notice the efforts that did NOT turn out the way you planned or hoped? 

Who else in your life could use a little ignoring of their flaws and noticing of their intentions for a moment?   : )  

With much love and appreciation to all of you for the little things you do to let me know what matters to you – even though everything I do doesn’t quite work like I hoped it would.