2 thoughts on “A Clean House : )

  1. I just glanced over your website and some of your materials. I rejoice in your concept of “agility” — most of the things I read are subtly disguised exhortations to simply suck it up and do it like everyone else does. I like to think about “seizing the impulse” — when I get that fraction of a second’s thought about, say, dusting that end table or emailing a friend, I try to jump on it and do it immediately. Bingo — 0ne useful thing done. (I’m an inattentive type; I have to seize energy where I can find it.)

    I’d like to see some thoughts on the housekeeping problems many of us have, not organizational ones but basic problems with making ourselves do repetitive and inherently boring tasks. My place is always a total wreck, and I can’t afford to have someone clean it for me. Again, I haven’t read all your material yet, but I’d like to hear your thoughts and perhaps others’ strategies on this problem. These days, with all the TV talk of hoarding, I’m really afraid that people won’t realize my problem is very different.

    Thanks for putting this website out there for all of us.

    • Hi Annie! I actually have done several classes on how to make cleaning more fun and simple. I’m thinking about turning one of the handouts into an ecourse..Right now my focus is on writing a book + classes on Agility and Life Design. I wonder, though…I see you have awesome writing skills, would you be willing to work with me to create shorter articles from my Handout for that class? or perhaps create an e-book or even listen to the class and pull out some tips? Just an idea. You get to learn…AND help make this material I have sitting around available to others! If you are interested,let me know! : )

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