An Easy Button for Attention Management and Shifting Perspective

We live in a time when technological, economic, political and social change is happening so fast and so unpredictably that many of us are hurrying through life feeling chronically stressed, frazzled and literally afraid to disconnect from our phones, email and to do lists.

Our attention is so hard to get (or hold) these days, it’s becoming more valuable than time or money. Attention is the core ingredient in the quality of every relationship in your life.

If you ignore something, or notice it with indifference or disdain, you won’t have an enjoyable relationship with it. For example,

  • If you struggle with how you pay attention to time, you will struggle with time management. 
  • If you notice your money with fear of not having enough, you are likely to not enough.
  • If you notice your money with the intention of how to ensure you have enough for your most essential needs, you are likely to have enough. 
  • If you notice something with an intense yearning for more or less of it, satisfaction is likely to elude you.

The ability to adjust the way you notice things — yourself and everything you are connected to — is the most powerful “easy button” available for transforming your life. Everyone already has this ability…but like a seed in the garden, it requires certain conditions and nourishment to bloom into its full potential.  The ability to adjust is at the heart of all human success. 

Mastering the ability to make adjustments, just enough, just-in-time, to fit the current situation is known as “Agility.”   Becoming agile is like having a set of “easy buttons” for getting unstuck and enjoying the dance of life, even when the music gets too loud for us.    

 The key to finding easy buttons, is to look for them.    

Think about it. Ever look in a drawer to find something and couldn’t see it even though it was sitting right there?  It may have been under something. Or it simply did not match the picture you had in your head of what it would like it.  To find it, all you needed was to let go of the picture you had in your head so that you could see other possibilities.  

What words are you using to describe yourself and your life right now?

I’d like to ask you to release whatever words and pictures you have in your mind of yourself just for a moment.  Do they make you feel stressed? neutral? calm? grateful?  Imagine there is another possible way to see yourself.  Imagine an alternative universe where the words you use to describe your traits or labels are neither normal or abnormal – they are just common or uncommon.  

Could you feel the power of simply changing the language used to describe yourself? Using different, neutral words to describe the same thing changes your perspective and can shift your entire emotional state.  

Wishing you much peace and an ever agile heart and mind, 

 Stay tuned and watch what happens next! 

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