Agile Life Design Studio – 2012 Program Description with Free Videos

What is Agile Life Design™?  

Agile Life Design™ is a human‐centered approach to cultivating personal agility and meaning in the age of uncertainty – where being in control of life’s curve balls is simply not an option.

Agile Life Design is a way of life, a process and a toolkit for healing chronic overwhelm, indecision, exhaustion and disorganization and for “Cultivating Personal Agility, Productivity & Well-being” 

Agile Life Design - Tools for Healing Chronic Overwhelm, Clutter, and Disorganization - Cultivating Personal Agility, Design ThinkingAgile Life Design integrates ancient wisdom with modern science, universal principles, essential life skills you don’t learn in school, sustainable processes and customizable strategies into a toolkit for mastering the 8 Dances of Life.Agile Life Design offers  mindset, processes, skills, strategies and tools for cultivating confidence in your ability to:

  • Navigate the uncertainties of life.
  • Courageously course correct your journey through life.
  • Advocate for your needs.
  • Resolve inner conflicts with less stress and drama
  • Make decisions with greater ease
  • Reduce the risk of making choices you regret
  • Design lifestyle systems and infrastructure that work with your brain type and empower you to focus on what really matters
  • Design your own “easy buttons” for establishing habits that serve your optimal functioning
  • Design your life, work and productivity systems to easily evolve with you as you learn and grow


What is the Agile Life “Design Studio”?

This program was delivered in 2012.     It offered Classes, Tools + Group Support for Getting Unstuck, Cultivating Personal Agility, and Healing Procrastination, Overwhelm, Frustration and Disorganization


 What You Get in the Studio

Access to a private website which includes:

  •  Agile Life Design Classes taught by me – [MP3 Recordings + Handouts] 
  • Master Classes: “Inside the Life Designer Studio” [Videos of me interviewing “Masters” of personal agility to inspire you in your journey]
  • A Virtual Gift Bag
  • Access to Exclusive Articles and Resources

The Agile Life Design Classes Include:

  • Could You Be Addicted to Potential? How to tell, How to Detox
  • The Role of Life Purpose in Designing your Life
  •  Introduction to the Agile Mindset
  •  Introduction to the ADEPT Design™Process
  • Designing the 8 Dances of Life
  • Orchestrating Your Home & Things
  • Designing Respect-Based Relationships
  • Designing the Dance with Money, Work and Career with Special Guest Teacher, Manisha Thakor, Personal Finance Expert, author of MoneyZen, Get Financially Naked, and more
  • Designing the Dance with Information and Paper
  • Choreographing Your Time
  • Designing Your Day – The Agile Way
  • and more

Master Classes: “Inside the Life Designer’s Studio” 

2014 Now Available to everyone on my You Tube Channel!

A series of interviews with an incredible array of successful innovators who take us “behind the scenes” into their adventures in cultivating agility and designing their lives.  I’ve invited people whose lives are inspirational showcases of Agile Life Design to reveal their stories of how they have followed their hearts, and designed their lives and work to fit them.   Guest Teachers include (Click here to see the Bio Page)

  • Lissa Boles, Soul Mapper
  • Shawn Shepheard, Inspirational Speaker
  • Dr. Rory Stern, Family and Child ADHD Coach
  • Tara McGillicuddy, Senior ADHD Coach
  • Liz Marshall, Author, Marketing Strategist
  • Janet Goldstein, Publishing Strategist, Literary Agent

Who is this for?

It’s for anyone who struggles with overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, making time for important activities, self-care, self-organizing, clutter, inner conflicts, making tough choices, saying “no”, or changing unwanted habits.

You are not alone. There is a huge tribe of us experiencing the confusion of being so capable, yet so challenged by the uncertainties, curve balls, and extraordinary demands, of life on our time, energy and attention.

It’s for outliers everywhere: change agents, challengers, Tweakers, ADHD, highly sensitive, intuitives, healers, caregivers and others who are vulnerable to intense emotional overwhelm, exhaustion, stuckness, indecision, anxiety, and stress.

What People are Saying about My Classes

The only way I know to teach and speak are from the heart. I am passionate about communicating ideas and encouraging people to think for themselves. I don’t “pitch.”  In my world classes are NOT code for “marketing pitches.”

I will however, share with you what other people have to say about this program and other programs I’ve taught. I could never write this kind of stuff about myself!

“WOW! The Design Studio  Package is a GOLDMINE OF RESOURCES. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these resources, providing the Agile Life Design classes and master classes, and for sharing so much of yourself with us. You are truly extraordinary!”


“I listen to a lot of webinars and I have never seen anyone given so much of themselves, be so authentic, and offer so much truly valuable information. Thanks again for sharing, you are a blessing!”


“I have been so blessed by this program. This has touched many of my own passions and desire to grow and share. I have been so inspired and excited and would like to continue to be a part of the tribe, the conversations and the support.”


“I’m thrilled to have found a coach/expert and other folks who think like me (or vice versa) and are addressing neurodiversity and the challenges of living in our culture! I am a sociologist by training and have worked in mental health education in consumer/peers support and feel your Agile Life Design framework would be so valuable in that arena.”


“Following your program these last weeks has been exciting, a light of hope.  I truly believe you have compiled a very deep and thorough approach to help people in many ways. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to working with my future husband to co-design our new life together!
Thank you Ariane.”


“Thank you SO much for all that you have given us in this program. I want to be sure you know that you’ve made a huge difference in my life, and the way I approach life’s challenges and triumphs.


“I decided to try your ADEPT Design Process and create my version of a flow chart for incoming mail.  It did help me “see” the problem visually. At first I made one for the REAL way I deal with mail now and then made another with the IDEAL way I would like it to be – now I can tweak the way I do it to get it closer to the the way I would like it to be. You are teaching me how to look at my behavior more compassionately and design new ways for me to support my own nature instead of trying to conform to someone else’s system. Thanks for helping me trust myself more.”


“Thanks so much for your insights into how relationships and abuse are intertwined in how we design our homes.  I was especially moved by your explanation of what can be considered abuse, it was a real eye opener. Your ideas on creating a home based on how it functions to fill needs rather than how others think it should be really resonated with me. I really am worth it!   Great work, Ariane!”




What inspired Agile Life Design?

I’ve been teaching aspects of this framework since 2005 in a kind of “as-needed” way. When I noticed that all my clients had great success once they learned an agile “design” approach to organizing, I realized this was not just a coincidence.  I needed to teach design and the concepts of agility outright.

I’ve been working to pull it all together into a cohesive book on Healing Chronic Disorganization by Cultivating Personal Agility with the Healing Power of Design for the past 2 years (though my whole life of 52 years has really been the preparation to write this book.)  I’m finally ready to share the work I’ve been evolving since I first started publishing the Neat & Simple Living approach to organizing as a blog back in 2005.

My intention is to share the processes and tools in a way that is easy to understand, but without “dumbing it down” and pretending that healing this problem is “a recipe you can follow in 3 easy steps.”  It’s not. It’s a custom journey that each person walks – on their own path, at their own speed.

Wishing you an ever agile heart and mind,

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.
Founder, Agile Life Design™, Author, Speaker, Productivity Healer

Using the healing power of design thinking + purpose + love to heal chronic overwhelm, disorganization, and clutter; cultivate personal agility; respond to human problems with human-centered solutions, and change the world —  one life at a time.



FACEBOOK PAGE Agile Life Design  where you can start connecting with the tribe, leave me a note on the wall, and get all the latest updates as this project evolves.   

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13 thoughts on “Agile Life Design Studio – 2012 Program Description with Free Videos

  1. Hi Ariane,
    I just happened to discover all about the wonderful tools you have designed for us, and was all excited about listening to the replays on my day off this Saturday, March 10… Only to discover it’s not available anymore! Did I miss it by a day by a sad misunderstanding? (sessions were to be “available until March 10″)… To catch up with the sessions I missed I also wanted to purchase the “conference package” @ 197$ but cannot get access to the page it seems, although I registered for the sessions… Is this caused by the bug you said happened and you were trying to fix earlier this morning? Please help me to retrieve these wonderful, relieving sessions so that I can start to fully live my “High Potential” adult life :-)

  2. Will you be emailing us info on how to listen to the webinar in preparation for Thursday?
    I’m going to be listening while working in the studio. Hope this will work as I want the information you are presenting but have a commission to complete in 3 weeks.

  3. Dear Ariane,

    I regularly get newsletters from you and would love to take up this offer but, being in the UK, I’m not sure I can match your time zones. Can I still access material?

    NLP Practitioner/Life Coach

  4. QUESTION FROM Laurianna on February 20, 2012 at 12:05 PM said:

    I love the idea of Webinairs and sign up frequently. Perhaps my ADD and problem with procrastination is common but I never get to listen live due to work constraints and most times do not get back to replays within the given time frame. It seems like wasted effort to keep registering, taking up space from someone who will listen, only to struggle and miss out anyway. I would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this conundrum.

    MY Reply ↓

    on February 20, 2012 at 1:46 PM said:

    Laurianna, I totally get that. I have a tendency to do that as well. I find that the ones I actually do listen to, are the ones where I have the deepest need and rapport with the presenter. There are a few people whose ideas are so original, and who always speak from the heart, that I am motivated to actually put the webinar on my calendar and set up email reminders and even wear a timer around my neck to make sure I don’t miss it. I treat it like an airplane I absolutely have to catch. Also I block out the hour before and after to ensure that I have the transition time I need to end what I’m doing. I also print out the info…and carry it with me all day…along with there to ensure that I have the call-in info with me. If there is a web link I open that page and leave it open all day.

    Doing things on a schedule requires a lot of effort, energy and attention for me. So, I have to be very selective. I say no to a lot to be able to say YES to something. In fact, in order to create this program and book, I had to say no to working with new clients for the past year…and I had to not book client appts for the month of March, not attend professional conferences I wanted to attend.

    I had to say so many NO’s for this one YES. All I can suggest is that if you feel this webinar can help you…what steps are you willing to take NOW to “facilitate” yourself to attend? You can’t control it. You might still forget to show up live. But the replays will be there.

    Whatever you decide, if it doesn’t work out…I would think that “now” just wasn’t the right time for you to take this experience in. Nothing wrong with you…the fit just wasn’t there — right now.

    So don’t beat yourself up for what hasn’t worked so far, okay? Instead, ask your creative self to help you figure out how to know what matters most to all parts of you and how you can orchestrate attending if that is what all parts of you really want.

    Hope this helps!

    • Here’s Laurianna’s Follow Up Reply…

      “Submitted on 2012/02/20 at 2:05 PM | “We just passed Valentine’s day and yet you shot me through the heart and reduced me to tears. Thank you for the spectacular reply filled with such great ideas and the exceptionally personal experiences. I am grateful beyond words.”

      – My heart is happy dancing : )

  5. Great! Thanks for making allowance on missing a session and providing a way to catch up. Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this!

  6. Thank you so much for offering this Ariane. I’ve just registered. I’m not able to be there on Feb 27th or March 1st, but I am able to be there the other days/times. Will it be okay for me to participate even though I can’t make those two sessions? I will be happy to listen to the audio before the next session if that is possible. I hope this is acceptable. I am really looking forward to this.

    • Hi Terri! You’re welcome! Thank you for participating. YES! You can join us live whenever you can. When you can’t, free replays will be available for at least 2 – 3 days after each session. If enough people want it, and from the amount of email we are getting there is interest, we will create an option for people to purchase extended access and be able to download all the audio and printable file. We are looking into that now. Thanks again for your note. We are looking forward to this too!

  7. Thanks so much for your note, Margaret!

    I totally understand. I want it now too! It will take a least a year to get the book finished…so I decided to just start sharing this via Video Broadcasting in March…I would do it TODAY if there weren’t so many pesky logistics to set up to make this happen.

    Did you know it takes over 100 hours just to set up an event like this? Between the special website for the replays, chat and material; the video broadcasting account logistics and learning curve; the registration process, and all the emails that have to be written, etc. It’s mind-boggling at times…but I’m so passionate about this, it’s worth all the administrivia. BTW, that’s not even counting the time to develop the content and materials!

    But that’s life right…some things can’t be rushed…like giving birth. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’ll do my best to make it worth your time and attention.

    Love, Ariane

  8. I think I’ve registered in all the right places, and am excited to become part of this approach. My only problem is that I want it to start NOW! (I need serious help!)

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