Handling Emotional Overwhelm – the AgiliZen Way – ADHD Support Talk Radio

I appeared on ADHD Support Talk Radio, discussing the agile way of dealing with and preventing emotional overwhelm.

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Handling Emotional Overwhelm the Agile way -ADHD Support - Ariane Benefit, Life Coach NJ, NYC Highlights

  • The role of emotions in cultivating performance and productivity
  • Cultivating emotional resilience and intelligence is a high impact productivity strategy for everyone and particularly for creatives, HSP (Highly Sensitive People), ADHD, Gifted Adults, and other neurodiverse individuals.
  • How your personal metaphors affect your emotional life and how you handle conflict.
  • Common metaphors that affect what you perceive is normal, acceptable, or disordered.
  • The car and plane metaphors for different personality and productivity styles.
  • Why some people are natural prioritizers and some are natural agilizers.
  • Why having special talents makes a lot of things in life easier and also makes a lot of things harder.
  • Comparing self-control and need-responsive as diverse styles – the agile way values both styles
  • Recognizing the biases that affect our ability to accept ourselves, value our differences with each other, and ultimately make it more difficult to cultivate emotional resilience
  • The potential value of conflict (opposites attract)
  • Alternatives to the “Time is Money” metaphor that leads to overwhelm and high stress
  • The concepts of “relative best” and “template automation” as flexible, agile optimization strategies
  • How we learn to become “control freaks” even though it’s not our innate nature
  • The agile way of using your calendar
  • How we can easily strengthen multiple abilities such as: mindsight, mindfulness, and ability to pay attention and mediate inner conflict using just one or two of the activities you are already doing.
The AgiliZen 10 Mantras for cultivating self-acceptance, emotional resilience and keystone habits that exponentially enhance both productivity and quality of life.

7 thoughts on “Handling Emotional Overwhelm – the AgiliZen Way – ADHD Support Talk Radio

  1. Thank you Ariane! I just find your site and your work and I am already so grateful, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe how “I thought I was the only one” who suffered from all the issues you describe. Please keep creating and sharing!

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