AgiliZen in Action: How We Converted our Front Yard from Dreaded Weekly Lawn Chore to Daily Garden Delight

Wanna see how we transformed our front lawn from a time, resource and energy drain to a low maintenance, agile, perennial garden where we love to hang out with friends and neighbors?  

Check out the video below!  Not only is our former lawn now an extension of our home and living space, we’ll also get fresh vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, snap peas, and herbs.New Video - AgiliZen Lawn & Garden Work

We start renovating the front of our home after we bought it in 2001.  My very first gardening project was to install window boxes. A few years ago we lost our big oak tree and suddenly had a VERY sunny yard.  So we planted a tree (prairie fire crab apple) and then started replacing most of our lawn with garden.

This year we are initiating phase 1 of building a small patio to extend our tiny front porch.  In the video below, I show you how I’ve applied AgiliZen concepts like starting small, quick and simple to iteratively design a patio that will meet our needs AND be adaptable for the future.

We set up this “experimental prototype” patio in just a few hours using chairs, pavers and slate stepping stones we already had on hand.  This way we get to “live with it” and learn before we invest in a permanent patio. 


Here’s what our front yard looked like in 2002. 


Here’s how the front yard with lawn converted to garden looked last April. 


Here’s the front yard garden – May 4 2013



Here’s the video. 


I hope more more people will be inspired to switch over from  lawns to growing at least some of their own healthy fresh foods. Being able to grow your own food is a basic human right. You shouldn’t have to make a lot of money or depend on grocery stores to be able to eat nutritious whole foods.  

What do you think?  
Do you garden?  
Would you consider converting your lawn into a garden?  
Why or why not? 
Would love to hear from you!

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  1. plant things that have a good aroma like lemon geranium, lavender or mint. they are wonderful “friends”.

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