What are the Benefits of Agile Self-Leadership?

Cultivating agile self-leadership enhances self-confidence, goal achievement, emotional resiliency, decision-making, self-respect, self-acceptance and self-compassion.  growth-change-pain

The practice of self-leadership over time reduces stress, procrastination, anxiety, worrying, depression, as well as chronic overwhelm and dissatisfaction.

The more you trust your ability to agilize, the more confident you become that you can rise to the occasion and deal with whatever challenges come your way.  You become able to:

If you are highly creative, intelligent, or ultra-sensitive or empathic, or have a high level of emotional, cognitive, or sensory intensity, your brain is literally wired differently from the average brain.  Chances are your daily life is far more challenging and painful than it is for others.  Living in a world that is NOT designed to fit you hurts.  

But that does NOT mean you are defective.  To me it means you have a need to be understood, accepted, and respected.  We all need our strengths to be recognized, appreciated, and cultivated.  Agile self-leaders learn how to accept and encourage themselves and how to identify, cultivate and use their strengths to minimize the impact of whatever our “weak” areas may be.

Today, we all need mental and emotional agility: the ability to

  • appreciate cognitive differences, 
  • listen and communicate in ways that respect differences, and to 
  • resolve the inevitable conflicts without resorting to verbal or physical violence.

Mental and emotional agility is what enables us to:

  • break through stuckness, 
  • see ourselves in new ways, and 
  • use our current challenges as springboards to personal growth and fulfillment.  

If self-control has not worked for you so far, chances are excellent that you will benefit significantly from learning the art and science of Agile Self-Leadership.


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