What is the AgiliZen approach to Cultivating Agile Self-Leadership?

AgiliZen is about letting go of agonizing over the things you want to change, but can’t.

Agile Self-Leadership is about mastering the skills, habits and mindset that enable you to lead yourself to change what you can.

It’s about starting where you are today, and using the brain you have to design creative, out-of-the-box, custom solutions to the challenges that keep you from feeling capable, confident and in charge of your life.

The 10 Mantras of AgiliZen

 Agile Life Design™ and AgiliZen™ provide a unique set of tools for natural agilizers (people who weren’t born to be “followers” of other people’s systems nor to be controlled by themselves or others) to practice agile self-leadership and continuously cultivate personal agility as they grow, evolve make life better for themselves.

The 10 Mantras and Practices of AgiliZen provide a framework and curriculum for leading yourself to design your life, career, relationships and environments to fit you now — and — evolve easy in the future as you grow and your needs inevitably change. We call this “Designing for Change”

 AgiliZen teaches the Agile mindset and Self-Leadership skills required to practice self-growth and self-advocacy.  The classes cover self-leadership skills such as emotional agility and resilience, decision-making, and designing for your brain which provide a foundation for designing optimal functioning in each of the 8 Dances of Life.

 The 8 Dances of Life

The 8 Dances of Life model makes it easier to decide where to start making small, specific changes that will move you closer to reaching long-term goals like better health, less stress and greater productivity.

Our home, things, work, relationships, time, money and information (information includes paper, digital information, email, memorabilia, etc.) are all resources we can use, but they also require work to take care of them.

The more we have, the more easily we feel overwhelmed, exhausted and out of control. You may find yourself yearning for a simpler life but not ready to let go of what you have.

When self-control fails to work for you in managing the 8 Dances of life, chances are excellent that  agile self-leadership  IS what you need more of.

Self-control has been so over-valued and over-emphasized in our society, we seem to have forgotten that control is not always needed.  In many cases,  self-control is NOT always the best way to get yourself to do things.  Especially things that require change habits and evolving yourself to meet a tough challenge.

In fact, for some people, trying to use self-control to change habits like disorganization, being late, or overeating actually does more harm than good.

AgiliZen is about cultivating your inner leader When you rebel against yourself, as evidenced by chronic overwhelm, frustration, procrastination and exhaustion, it’s time for your inner dictator to surrender and let your inner leader take over.

Your inner leader’s job is inspire and encourage rather than control you.  When you treat yourself the way you would want a respected leader to treat you — by asking questions, listening, establishing meaningful and realistic goals, facilitating, supporting and encouraging — a whole new world of possibilities for turning your life around opens up.

Leaders we respect and admire have cultivated the personal agility needed to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. They are adept at improvising, rethinking, re-planning, and re-designing their goals, strategies and expectations to fit the realities of the current situation. They focus on the most important needs and become masters of saying no to unhelpful distractions – yet they also understand that sometimes what seems like a distraction is actually a better way.  Sometimes, staying focused on a strategy that isn’t working is much worse than changing course.

When things get tough, leaders don’t get stuck in agonizing over things they can’t change, nor do they stubbornly stick to tools or strategies that aren’t working – they “agilize.”

agilize-prioritizing-planning-doingTo become an agile self leaders is to become ready to rethink your goals, options and assumptions so that you can make the best of the realities of the situation at hand.

It’s about getting unstuck, and thinking differently about your situation, so that your creative mind can design a new approach.

Agilizing is about leading yourself to take steps in the direction you want to be going – even when conditions aren’t ideal.

To agilize something is to take the time to assess the situation, figure out what is really needed, and make tough decisions that inspire action.



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