Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta – VIDEO EXCERPT

 Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta –  Part of the “Organize Your Life” Webinar Series 

If getting organized is one of your new year’s intentions, join me and other experts  including Judith Kohlberg, Ramona Creel, Elizabeth Hagan, Allison Carter and more!  Allison organizes this annual event to celebrate Get Organized month with a series of high quality learning experiences to help you focus, plan, and organize your time, space, and information. CEU credits are available for professional organizers. 

 This class is over.  Here’s a Video Clip from the class.


Agile Time Management by Ariane Benefit, Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Gifted Adults, Creative Personality

Thursday, January 17, 2013

7:00 PM Eastern
4:00 PM Pacific

INCLUDES Downloadable MP3 and PDF of slides so if you can’t attend live you can still attend!


Session Description:  Organizing Your Time – The AgiliZen Way
Welcome to life in perpetual beta. There’s almost no time to plan. Nothing seems to follow the plan even if you do have one. Conventional time management strategies are inadequate to the challenges of the digital age.

Agile Time Management™ offers a whole new organic approach to juggling the 8 Dances of Life™ that works for creatives, ADHD, gifted, neurodiverse and anyone who desires a simpler, more enjoyable and flexible way to organize their lives.

Join me and discover:

  • The benefits of the Agile way of orchestrating the 8 Dances of Life™
  • Your time management style and how it affects the way you get things done
  • How to design Agile goals that inspire you
  • How to cultivate habits that reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Powerful Mantras to inspire putting Agile into Action



Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays – the Agile Way


Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays
Presented October 18, 2012
Ariane Benefit is interviewed by Michelle Barone – a special event for the “Finding Your Way” Home Schooling Community 

Note: We talk a little about homeschooling in the beginning but then the rest of the class is relevant to everyone and particularly to parents of neurodiverse kids.  Hope you find something helpful in this for you! 


Highlights of Topics Covered

  • Hidden Sources of Holiday Stress
  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety Triggers
  • Tips for simplifying gift-giving, card sending
  • Managing expectations
  • Setting boundaries gracefully
  • Designing disappointment out of the way we make plans
  • Helping ADHD, Asperger’s, Neurodiverse Kids reduce stress
  • Negotiating happy compromises to get the rewards of both being spontaneous and planning ahead

Would love to hear your favorite tips from this class – just post a comment below. Thank you!  

  • Which of these tips might you try this year?  
  • How are you reducing stress and simplifying your holidays this year?

ARTICLE: Get my  holiday organizing tips in writing!

20 Neat & Simple ways to Simplify Holiday Decorating,
Gift Giving, Card Sending, and Entertaining

  Listen & View the Slides below.  


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Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management™  Unconventional Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta

Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta


Inside the Life Designer’s Studio: Top ADHD Coach Shares Strategies for Thriving with ADHD

Behind the Scenes of Success

Ever wanted to peek behind the scenes to see how successful coaches, speakers and consultants really organize their work and manage their time?   That’s the inspiration behind the video interview series “Inside the Life Designer’s Studio” I’m hosting. 

The first featured video has been released on my Ariane Benefits U channel  in honor of ADHD Awareness Month and the upcoming ADHD Expo which is organized by ADHD Coach, Tara McGillicuddy.  Tara also happens to be my first guest on the show!  

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I’m delighted to share the passionate and uplifting conversation I had with Tara McGillicuddy, whose leadership in the field of ADHD coaching has helped millions of people learn about ADHD and find the life design solutions and ADHD treatments they need to flourish.  She is an extraordinarily gifted, caring, and sensitive person and her insights into the journey to cultivating personal agility when you have multiple challenges in life, are truly a master class. You can GREATLY reduce the suffering AND the upheaval of having a gifted, high-speed, creative and / or ADHD mind.  It’s not easy, but Tara’s own life is an testament to what is possible.


  • How she first realized she was different
  • Learning to self-advocate and deal with difficult and draining people
  • Changing careers and finding the purpose-driven work that fits you 
  • Dealing with being emotionally sensitive
  • Healing social anxiety and self-consciousness
  • Designing the right kind of structure for your personality type
  • Designing iterative and innovative need-responsive approaches to productivity challenges
  • Facilitating yourself to get things done even when you don’t like doing them
  • Designing your environment to purposefully manage your attention, minimize and handle distractions
  • Assessing your needs
  • Learning to pause
  • Time Management strategies for managing overwhelm
  • Paper organizing strategies:  Piles? or Files? or both?
  • Digital organizing strategies
  • Digital or paper calendar?
  • Digital or paper books?
Length:  45 Minutes

Watch the Video

About Tara McGillicuddy 

Tara McGillicuddy is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach with over a decade of experience. She is also a pioneer in Group and Online ADD / ADHD Coaching. Tara provides several online ADD / ADHD resources to the ADD / ADHD community.

Tara is the host of ADHD Support Talk Radio which is the #1 ADHD Podcast on iTunes and top Self-Help Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  Tara is also the founder and director of


  • Dr. Rory Stern, Family and Child ADHD Coach
  • Lissa Boles, Soul Mapper
  • Shawn Shepheard, Inspirational Speaker
  • Liz Marshall, Author, Marketing Strategist
  • Janet Goldstein, Publishing Strategist, Literary Agent

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Leadership and the New Science – Lessons for Agile Living and Thriving in Chaos

Leadership and the New Science

A Review

by Ariane Benefit
Originally Published April 1994,in the Human Resources Development Review Quarterly

LEADERSHIP AND THE NEW SCIENCE - Video, 1993, 23 Minutes, by Dr. Margaret Wheatley.available from CRM Films, Carlsbad, California, 92008. 1-800-421-0833

2011 – I posted an updated review of Leadership and the New Science on Amazon here

This is the original 1994 Version.

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Applying TQM and Process Facilitation to Accelerate the Instructional Design and Course Development Process

Accelerating The Instructional Design Process:

A Case Example 

by Ariane Benefit

Published in the ISPI P&I Journal, September, 1995International Society for Performance Improvement

Abstract:  This article describes how the cycle time for designing a two-week instructor-led training program was dramatically reduced from nine weeks to one week.

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