Agilizing Your Mind: Unlearning Clutter Producing Thinking Habits

As I am preparing to start a new chapter of my life, I’m reviewing my past body of work little by little.  What is still relevant and worthy of moving on with me?  What can I delete and let go?  

I’m reposting this article i originally wrote 5 years ago because it’s worthy of being part of my current website.  I now see that I was, even then, writing about how I became adept and agile with changing my thinking habits i this case, it was so that I could release clutter with ease.  My things no longer have such power over me, I keep only what I need, use, and care about.  

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Agile Life Design – Quotes + FREE Audio Class

I was Interviewed by Akilah Richards for the Excellence in Relationships TeleSummit™  about Agile Life Design and what it takes to design your life and your work to FIT you so that you can have healthier relationships and become more impactfully productive.

 Here are some of the quotes that people posted on Facebook after the program…


    • Thank You Ariane! I realized that there are a lot of ideas that I have not acted on because of the fear of failure. However, when I look back on my journey I’m really good at putting the pieces back together. Failure is not so bad after all :)  - Jen Rogers 
    • I learned so much from that call, and I feel a renewed sense of trust in my journey. - A. Richards 

QUOTES FROM THE PRESENTATION posted as they were listening…

    • When you trust that you will make the best of things even when they don’t turn as you hoped or expected, you actually can’t fail — there is no longer any such thing as “waste” — EVERY experience then becomes an “investment” in your becoming ready for success.  This is the deepest level of self-confidence and inner security.
    • “When you really get that there is no such thing as wasting time, that is the most profound state of faith, freedom and motivated action you can experience.”
    • “You cannot be ready for success until you are ready for failure.”
    • ‎”I don’t say yes to something unless I’m willing to fail at it.” 
    • “Instead of bossing yourself around, think of yourself as a client and partner with yourself!”
    • There is more than one way to look at reliability….”I can count on myself to recover, more than I can count on myself NOT to mess up. I am going to mess up.”  
    • “It’s not about “fixing” your life, it’s about noticing what’s needed.”
Thank you all for posting the quotes –  It’s so great to know what really resonated for you!  
Feel free to use these quotes and attribute them to ~Ariane Benefit