Agile Time Management Strategies – Free Download on Slideshare

I’m experimenting with using SlideShare!  Here’s my first contribution.
What’s covered?

  • 2 ways Agile Time Management strategies differ from conventional time management strategies.
  • Top 5 ways we unintentionally set ourselves up for Time Management Troubles
  • 5 Keystone Time Management Habits

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Handling Emotional Overwhelm – the AgiliZen Way – ADHD Support Talk Radio

I appeared on ADHD Support Talk Radio, discussing the agile way of dealing with and preventing emotional overwhelm.

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Handling Emotional Overwhelm the Agile way -ADHD Support - Ariane Benefit, Life Coach NJ, NYC Highlights

  • The role of emotions in cultivating performance and productivity
  • Cultivating emotional resilience and intelligence is a high impact productivity strategy for everyone and particularly for creatives, HSP (Highly Sensitive People), ADHD, Gifted Adults, and other neurodiverse individuals.
  • How your personal metaphors affect your emotional life and how you handle conflict.
  • Common metaphors that affect what you perceive is normal, acceptable, or disordered.
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Organize Your Time the AgiliZen Way: Agile Time Management Strategies – VIDEO

Welcome to life in perpetual beta. There’s almost no time to plan. Nothing seems to follow the plan even if you do have one. Conventional time management strategies are inadequate to the challenges of the digital age.

Agile Time Management Strategies ClassAgile Time Management™ offers a whole new organic approach to juggling the 8 Dances of Life™ that works for creatives, ADHD, gifted, neurodiverse and anyone who desires a simpler, more enjoyable and flexible way to organize their lives.

Session Description:  Organizing Your Time – The AgiliZen Way

Join me and discover:

  • The benefits of the Agile way of orchestrating the 8 Dances of Life™
  • Your time management style and how it affects the way you get things done
  • How to design Agile goals that inspire you
  • How to cultivate habits that reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Powerful Mantras to inspire putting Agile into Action

 This class is over.  Here’s a Video Clip from the class.


Agile Time Management by Ariane Benefit, Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Gifted Adults, Creative Personality

Thursday, January 17, 2013

7:00 PM Eastern
4:00 PM Pacific

INCLUDES Downloadable MP3 and PDF of slides so if you can’t attend live you can still attend!



 Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies – Featured in the “Organize Your Life” Webinar Series

If getting organized is one of your new year’s intentions, join me and other experts  including Judith Kohlberg, Ramona Creel, Elizabeth Hagan, Allison Carter!

 Allison organizes this annual event to celebrate Get Organized month with a series of high quality learning experiences to help you focus, plan, and organize your time, space, and information. CEU credits are available for professional organizers. 




Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays – the Agile Way


Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays
Presented October 18, 2012
Ariane Benefit is interviewed by Michelle Barone – a special event for the “Finding Your Way” Home Schooling Community 

Note: We talk a little about homeschooling in the beginning but then the rest of the class is relevant to everyone and particularly to parents of neurodiverse kids.  Hope you find something helpful in this for you! 


Highlights of Topics Covered

  • Hidden Sources of Holiday Stress
  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety Triggers
  • Tips for simplifying gift-giving, card sending
  • Managing expectations
  • Setting boundaries gracefully
  • Designing disappointment out of the way we make plans
  • Helping ADHD, Asperger’s, Neurodiverse Kids reduce stress
  • Negotiating happy compromises to get the rewards of both being spontaneous and planning ahead

Would love to hear your favorite tips from this class – just post a comment below. Thank you!  

  • Which of these tips might you try this year?  
  • How are you reducing stress and simplifying your holidays this year?

ARTICLE: Get my  holiday organizing tips in writing!

20 Neat & Simple ways to Simplify Holiday Decorating,
Gift Giving, Card Sending, and Entertaining

  Listen & View the Slides below.  


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Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management™  Unconventional Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta

Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta


ADHD Expo October 2012 Appearance

I’m appearing at the  ADHD EXPO Online 2012 along with 25 other ADHD Experts, Coaches and Doctors!

October 14 – 20, 2012

I’ll be sharing some of my best life design strategies for juggling the “8 Dances of Life” PLUS special bonus gifts at the ADHD Awareness Expo.

The Expo is a great place to find support to understand and treat ADD / ADHD. Whether you or a loved one have ADHD, or think you might, you will get lots of great ideas from 25 of the leading ADHD experts, doctors, therapists, educators and coaches in the world. 

Speakers are appearing by video to share their best tips and strategies.
You will also be able to connect with other attendees 24/7 in the Chat Room.  The Expo Exhibits will feature additional complimentary goodies offered by the guest speakers.

Sign up at

Just a few of the leading experts you’ll see…

  • Sari Solden
  • Nancy Ratey
  • Dr. Charles Parker
  • Melissa Orlov
  • Dr. Roberto Olivardia
  • Dr. Rory Stern 
  • Jennifer Koretsky 
  • Dr. Ari Tuckman
  • Dr. Stephanie Sarkis
  • Terry Matlen
  • David Giwerc 

Look forward to connecting with you there!
I’ll be in the chat room as often as I can be.  Look for me there!

Want to send me a note or comment about my video appearance? Comment Below. 

Want to Learn More Now?

View Video by Neurologist Dr. Sam Goldstein on Diagnosing and Treating ADHD, Autism, and Attention Difficulties

      Check out recordings of and clips from some of my past classes on Agile Life Design, ADHD, Organizing, Time Management, and more.

Agile Life Design Studio – 2012 Program Description with Free Videos

What is Agile Life Design™?  

Agile Life Design™ is a human‐centered approach to cultivating personal agility and meaning in the age of uncertainty – where being in control of life’s curve balls is simply not an option.

Agile Life Design is a way of life, a process and a toolkit for healing chronic overwhelm, indecision, exhaustion and disorganization and for “Cultivating Personal Agility, Productivity & Well-being” 

Agile Life Design - Tools for Healing Chronic Overwhelm, Clutter, and Disorganization - Cultivating Personal Agility, Design ThinkingAgile Life Design integrates ancient wisdom with modern science, universal principles, essential life skills you don’t learn in school, sustainable processes and customizable strategies into a toolkit for mastering the 8 Dances of Life. Continue reading

Agile Life Design – Free Audio Class

I was Interviewed by Akilah Richards for the Excellence in Relationships TeleSummit™  about Agile Life Design and what it takes to design your life and your work to FIT you so that you can have healthier relationships and become more impactfully productive.agile-life-design-logo


QUOTES FROM THE PRESENTATION posted as they were listening…

When you trust that you will make the best of things even when they don’t turn as you hoped or expected, you actually can’t fail — there is no longer any such thing as “waste” — EVERY experience then becomes an “investment” in your becoming ready for success.  This is the deepest level of self-confidence and inner security.

“When you really get that there is no such thing as wasting time, that is the most profound state of faith, freedom and motivated action you can experience.”
“You cannot be ready for success until you are ready for failure.”
‎”I don’t say yes to something unless I’m willing to fail at it.”
“Instead of bossing yourself around, think of yourself as a client and partner with yourself!” 
There is more than one way to look at reliability….
“I can count on myself to recover, more than I can count on myself NOT to mess up. I am going to mess up.”
“It’s not about “fixing” your life, it’s about noticing what’s needed.”


Thank you all for posting the quotes –  It’s so great to know what really resonated for you!
Feel free to use these quotes and attribute them to ~Ariane Benefit


Here are some of the quotes that people posted on Facebook after the program…

  • Thank You Ariane! I realized that there are a lot of ideas that I have not acted on because of the fear of failure. However, when I look back on my journey I’m really good at putting the pieces back together. Failure is not so bad after all :)  – Jen Rogers
  • I learned so much from that call, and I feel a renewed sense of trust in my journey. – A. Richards


The 8 Habits of Personal Agility and Resilience that Fuel Optimal Functioning

Updated: April 29, 2014, July 17, 2014, December 2014, May 2015

Personal Agility is about having a sense of EASE with rolling with life’s curve balls – whatever the source.

Agile Zone of Peak Performance and ImprovisationPersonal Agility enables you to live in the Agile Zone of optimal functioning – feeling relatively in charge, secure and confident in your ability to ride the waves that come with living the unpredictable, uncontrollable creative life.

What is the Agile Zone™ of Optimal Functioning and Peak Performance?

The Agile Zone™ is what I call your sweet spot of optimal functioning – the place where you experience life without feeling overwhelmed or powerless – where you feel hopeful, capable, and able to get things done.  It includes your high energy, peak performance and creative flow states, as well as your low energy states where you still can get things done.  Your Agile Zone includes

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Classes and Events

This is a list of over 70 + classes I’ve given over the last 10 years. ariane-benefit-life-coach-adhd-coach-nj-2-300

Below I’ve posted excerpts, video clips, and sometimes free access to the complete classes.  Some are downloadable recordings, and some are posted on You Tube. You might notice I never teach the same class twice – even if the titles are similar.  I’m always learning and my work evolves with me.

Being part of my virtual community is an adventure.  Hope you’ll join me!

Sign up here to be notified when classes, guest appearances, or other upcoming events become available.
p.s. Please forgive the appearance of this page as it is being updated. Classes prior to 2011 have been moved here.


ADHD Awareness Expo 2014 – October 26 – November 1

This year I presented on “Agile SMART Goals ”  Agilizing your goals is about designing them to *fit” you! This image below is the most recent version of the model I showed in the video. (Also See Article:  “Agilizing SMART Goals – An updated AGILE approach to Conventional Goal Setting”)






ADHD Awareness Expo 2013 –  Designing for Your Brain

See the Complete Video Free Here


 AgiliZen Foundation Program 2013 

The AgiliZen Foundation Program was a full year program teaching the 10 Mantras of AgiliZen, Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Agility



Handling Emotional Overwhelm the AgiliZen Way

Handling Emotional Overwhelm the AgiliZen Way

Listen or download the entire class FREE Here: Handling Emotional Overwhelm the AgiliZen Way

Recorded Feb. 7, 2013,
ADHD Support Talk Radio Appearance

Agile Time Management™ Strategies

Organize Your Time: Agile Time Management Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Perpetual Beta

View Video Clip FREE: Agile Time Management™ Strategies 

Recorded January 17, 2012.  

Speaker at GO Month “Organize Your Life” Webinar Series hosted by Alison Carter 


Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays


Listen and View Entire class FREE:  Designing Stress Out of Your Holidays 

October 18, 2012, Speaker at “Finding Your Way” Community Meeting

ADHD Awareness Expo 2012

“Juggling the 8 Dances of Life (TM)”


October 15, 2012, Interviewed by Tara McGillicuddy.

Shared agile approach to prioritizing and productivity challenges and designing solutions that fit you.


Designing Your Life to Fit You

Speaker at Virtual Unschooling Summit, May 31, 2012, hosted by homeschooling therapist, Michelle Barone.

Click here to purchase recording 6.97

Cultivating Personal Agility



April 19 2012, Keynote, Wealthy Thought Leader Conference, Vancouver, Canada


Master Classes:  Inside the Agile Life Designer’s Studio – Video Interview Series

I interviewed 6 successful innovators who take us “behind the scenes” into how they cultivate agility and design their lives to evolve with them. Their lives are inspirational showcases of Agile Life Design.  They reveal how they have followed their hearts, and designed their careers and organized their daily lives to fit their unique gifts and talents.  Click here to see the  Guest Teachers List


WATCH Complete Set of Videos – FREE on on my You Tube Channel “ArianeBenefitsU

VIDEO # 1 – Tara McGillicuddy and Ariane Benefit 

Subscribe to my You Tube Channel “ArianeBenefitsU” and to my mailing list to be notified when the others are released.  

The Agile Life Design Studio – 3 week program

Agile Life Design Studio – Audio Webinar Series – 10 sessions – March 1 – 20, 2012

“Tools for Cultivating Personal Agility and Healing Procrastination, Overwhelm, Frustration and Disorganization”

What we covered:

  • Could You Be Addicted to Potential? How to tell, How to Detox
  • The Role of Life Purpose in Designing your Life
  •  Introduction to the Agile Mindset
  •  Introduction to the ADEPT Design™Process
  • Orchestrating the 8 Dances of Life 
  • Orchestrating Your Home & Things
  • Designing Respect-Based Relationships
  • Designing the Dance with Money, Work and Career
     with Special Guest Teacher, Manisha Thakor, Personal Finance Expert, author of MoneyZen, Get Financially Naked, and more
  • Designing the Dance with Information and Paper
  • Choreographing Your Time
  • Designing Your Day – The Agile Way




“I listen to a lot of webinars and I have never seen anyone given so much of themselves, be so authentic, and offer so much truly valuable information. Thanks again for sharing, you are a blessing!”


“I decided to try your ADEPT Design Process and create my version of a flow chart for incoming mail.  It did help me “see” the problem visually…. You are teaching me how to look at my behavior more compassionately and design new ways for me to support my own nature instead of trying to conform to someone else’s system. Thanks for helping me trust myself more.”


“Thanks so much for your insights into how relationships and abuse are intertwined in how we design our homes.  I was especially moved by your explanation of what can be considered abuse, it was a real eye opener. Your ideas on creating a home based on how it functions to fill needs rather than how others think it should be really resonated with me. I really am worth it!   Great work, Ariane!”


“I’m thrilled to have found a coach/expert … addressing neurodiversity and the challenges of living in our culture! I am a sociologist by training … and feel your Agile Life Design framework would be so valuable in that arena.”


“Following your program these last weeks has been exciting, a light of hope.  I truly believe you have compiled a deep and thorough approach to help people in many ways. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to working with my future husband to co-design our new life together!
Thank you Ariane.”


“Thank you SO much for all that you have given us in this program. I want to be sure you know that you’ve made a huge difference in my life, and the way I approach life’s challenges and triumphs.”



WATCH VIDEO INTRO:  What is Personal Agility and Agile Thinking?



  • Cultivating Agility provides highly effective alternatives to self-improvement and self-control
  • How we develop and unlearn habits, importance of understanding triggered actions and triggered avoidance
  • Implications of being a natural born “tweaker” seeing potential for improvement everywhere
  • Becoming conscious of how you learn so that you can “shape” vs. control what you learn
  • A new way of thinking about core needs and values
  • Designing FUN, FIT, FLOW, FLAIR and FUNCTION into your life


Making Time for What Matters When You have ADD / ADHD

ADHD Support Talk Radio Appearance, February 21, 2012
Tara McGillcuddy welcomes back one of ADHD Support Talk Radio’s most popular guests Tara and Ariane discuss how to make time for what matters when you have ADD / ADHD.


Listen to internet radio with ADHD Support Talk on Blog Talk Radio



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Classes and Presentations – 2011 and earlier