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Here’s what people are saying about working with Ariane Benefit…

I’m crying as I write this…

“I’m crying because after a year or two of therapy with a licensed therapist I took more away in our 90 minute phone conversation. I may as well have been speaking to Ghandi or the Dahli Lama or better yet Tony Robbins. You bring so much positive energy out in people.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart… I was so down just your 7 minute video on your website perked me up. I wish everyone that claimed they were an ADD coach or therapist had the energy or aura you have. All I can say is you were a Godsend today and I truly mean it. Sometimes he does hear our prayers AND answer them.”

– Fondly, Kim

It was almost like she was in my head…

I just had my first coaching experience with Ariane and it was more than I could have ever expected!!! I’ve read plenty of books on ADD, organizing with ADD, self-help, I’ve been to plenty of therapists (who have helped in other areas, just lacking in terms of how ADD affects my life). When I was talking to Ariane, it was almost like she was in my head, all of the “stuff” that I can never explain or get out in words, she identified for me. It was such a relief to know that I’m not crazy or weird and the way that I do things is perfectly ok, in fact, its pretty awesome how I approach life. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!!!!

– Amanda M.

Innate talent to understand client needs and design solutions…that far exceed expectations

“Ariane is extremely intelligent and creative and possesses an innate talent to understand client needs and design solutions that not only meets these needs, but also, far exceed expectations. She is devoted to projects she is involved in and knows how to motivate people to complete a project. I have referred many clients to Ariane because her work is the absolute best. I hired her as a career coach and marketing consultant. She has been a tremendous help to me in so many ways. You would be fortunate to work with her.”

– Terry Lubotsky, Heart-Centered Communication

Compassionate & Caring

Wow! Ariane is so compassionate & caring and seems to know intuitively where I am coming from. I tend to be negative about myself & my abilities, but Ariane helped me see strengths that I wasn’t even aware I had. I think one of the biggest breakthroughs came when she helped me see that I don’t have to be perfect or know how to do everything perfectly in order to pursue my dreams and passion. She also helped me see that it IS POSSIBLE to change and that some of my “negative” traits and habits can actually be positive. I look forward to more sessions with her. She is such a motivator and encourager!

– Susan S.

Motivating and compassionate

“I tend to be negative and tell myself that what I do “is not enough” but Ariane is helping me to turn that around and take pleasure in, and give myself credit for small accomplishments. Little successes can lead to bigger success… She is helping me tackle a big clutter clearing project in my basement, with practical tips to motivate me, stay on track, and make decisions. With Ariane’s help, I now feel less overwhelmed and more hopeful. That I may actually have the tools to do this! But the best thing about Ariane is her compassion. It makes a huge difference to work with someone who is honest and non-judging, because she has faced many of the same obstacles herself. I have worked with another professional organizer in the past, and there is no comparison to the service and support that Ariane offers!”

– Gayle R.

By getting help in one area, other areas became unstuck.

“I asked Ariane to coach me on a very specific task. However, from our work, I soon realized that my reluctance in accomplishing that task was related to my bigger picture of how I handle things in general. I was happy to learn that I actually could change/tweak many components working together in my life for the better. By getting help in one area, other areas became unstuck. Some of the harsh way I view myself, others and situations were challenged and I began to see that my stinkin’ thinkin’ is old news and holding me back. I can be different. I can feel happy and whole. And there are techniques to do this. It’s not just what you were born into. Ariane allowed me to let my guard down to uncover a lot of these false beliefs about myself and my life because she’s been there too. There is no judgement. I am getting better because it’s possible.”

– Injai S.

Helped me see time management in a new way

“When I received personal coaching from Ariane on time management recently, she helped me see time management in a new way–one that was very ADD-friendly. After an excellent hour of Ariane’s coaching, I am now in the process of re-thinking ways to productively plan my week without being a slave to a daily “To Do” list that often led to my feeling “tied down” or guilty when I couldn’t consistently check off all my tasks every day. Since Ariane has been able to successfully deal with her ADD challenges, I knew she would understand my concerns and frustrations with traditional time management principles and could offer a variety of workable solutions for me. Indeed, she did!”

– Susan H.

“I so appreciated your words of wisdom and very POSITIVE spin to life and my “situation.” You are a terrific life coach!”

– Susan Cohen, Jersey City, NJ

Working with you has changed my whole life and saved my marriage.

“Working with you has changed my whole life and saved my marriage. My husband says it was the best money we ever spent. My kids are so happy we aren’t fighting all the time now. We are all taking less medication – even our allergies are better! It’s actually easy to clean now. You are AWESOME! Thanks for giving me and my family a chance at a better life.”

– Sandra C. New Brunswick, NJ

Gone from feeling overwhelmed…to a sense of relaxed confidence…

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help… the time spent with you was enormously valuable. I have gone from a feeling of being overwhelmed by all our clutter to a sense of relaxed confidence at how efficiently our system is going to function…I can tell already that you have enhanced our lives tremendously. Again, many thanks.”

– G M, Short Hills, NJ

Her vision, patience, methodology and concepts …will be with me always

“I’m a Health & Nutrition Counselor and Ariane’s organizing expertise changed my life! As a new business owner I had to start from scratch, de-cluttering my old life to create an efficient, beautiful workspace with the intention of success. Ariane did that and more. Her vision, patience, methodology and concepts that she brought to the project will be with me always as I grow. I know I will utilize her wealth of knowledge on an on-going bases. Thank You Ariane!!

– S. Solaris

Still can’t believe how much we accomplished in just 4 hours

“Yesterday was fantastic, brilliant! I’m shocked and in awe and still can’t believe how much we accomplished in just 4 hours!… I thought it would take much longer. You are such a dynamo! I can’t believe how lucky we were to find you! We could never have done this job by ourselves. I’m going to recommend you to everyone!”

– Stephen C., NJ

My life has been transformed and I smile all the time now.

“My life has been transformed and I smile all the time now. I am absolutely thrilled with your work and professionalism. You have changed my life!  In just the couple sessions we’ve completed so far, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I learned so much and am organizing things all over the house now! I never have to be ashamed again when people come to visit! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

– Beth E. Clifton NJ.

Innovative and creative

“Ariane Benefit is one of the most innovative and creative people I have ever worked with. With each project, Ariane brings a fresh approach and many ideas. She puts her clients needs first and foremost …”

– Phyllis Freed

I did not realize just how good you were until I worked with someone else.

“I did not realize just how good you were until I worked with someone else. Now I realize how you made my life SO MUCH EASIER!!! Your attention to detail and design was simply awesome! You actually took the time to really understand my needs and goals. As a result you were able to guide me in areas I overlooked. It would be great to have you back. I would recommend your services for any project!”

– Maurice S.

I’m more productive than I’ve been in years

“I’ve worked with coaches in the past, but Ariane is different. She doesn’t impose a one-size-fits-all organizational stategy, but develops one tailored to who you are and how you work. Ariane is not only interested in getting you organized, but in making sure that she leaves you with a system that helps you to stay organized. With her help, I’m more productive than I’ve been in years!”

– R.D. Bergen County, NJ

“As a resource for my book, Ariane was a real find. She’s passionate about her work, respectful of her clients and full of energy and innovative ideas.”

– Iyna Bort Caruso, author of “The Everything Home Storage Solutions Book”(Adams Media)

“Thanks again!!! … I actually got completely dressed for the first time without having to hunt for anything!! It was so wonderful... I couldn’t stop smiling all day!”

– M. W. West Orange, NJ

Am keeping up with everything …Once you learn, it’s quite easy.

“As owner of a PR business, my home office was getting interference from my personal life and my storage and filing systems were cluttered. With Ariane’s help, I was able to transform my office into a neat, non-stressful place where I can now concentrate. Her storage ideas and methods were easy to implement. In fact, I am keeping up with everything that comes in and goes out. Once you learn, it’s quite easy.”

– Maureen Murray, Morris Plains, NJ

Ariane was a dream to work with when building my web site.

Not only was she fast and creative, but she made any changes I wanted. My previous website had been up for 10 years and had never been even listed on Google. It took her only one day to redesign my site and get it up and running and looking professional and exceptional! I get a lot of compliments on my site. I got listed on Google within a couple days and within just a few months, I was getting lots more traffic and clients. I even started getting requests from the press to do interviews for the first time ever! I actually got a spread in a local newspaper featuring my business – all because they found my website and liked it! Thanks Ariane you are the best!

– Liz Maffucci,The Clutter Warrior

I’m ecstatic! You’ve changed my life! Made it SO much easier… To have the kids rooms and our bedroom completely unpacked AND organized – it’s just amazing!! I’m telling everyone I work with about you. ” (Carol)

“This is great! I can’t believe it! I was so nervous at first, but now I’m just amazed and happy. …our house has NEVER been this organized! You have far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!” (Bill)

– Bill and Carol S, NJ

“Thank you so much for all your help in getting me moved in and organized! It is amazing how your organization of my apartment not only made it appear better, but it actually reduced my stress level… I finally look forward to coming home every evening!”

– Sheetal S., Parsippany, NJ

“Quite frankly I was amazed at how much my daughter actually ENJOYED cleaning her room with you. Over a month later Mary still knows where to put everything and actually enjoys keeping her room neat! “Thank you so much for eliminating this bone of contention between me and my daughter! I highly recommend Neat & Simple Organizing Solutions to any busy mother who is overwhelmed with trying to keep her kids’ stuff under control!”

– Roxanne S., Montclair, NJ

“Ariane is very creative … Her work is thorough, practical, and effective! She is always willing to teach what she knows to others and brings a positive, upbeat attitude to everything she does.. She is a great resource to any project!”

Joanne C.

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