11 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: Free Agile Life Design Toolkit

  1. Thanks for the free download! I quite enjoyed your presentation in the ADHD online event. I am one who’s discovered that I must have ADD well into adulthood while researching ADHD for my son. It all makes sense now! =) As I search for answers for him, I am finding a lot of my own answers. Thanks for your encouragement and help through these online resources. =)

  2. Araine,

    I’m just too emotionally overwhelmed right now, but I’m glad to be here. Thank you for the work you do in helping people to heal.

    • HI Carolyn, I totally understand…and I’m glad you are here. Thank you for leaving a note…it makes a difference. : ) Hugz, Ariane

  3. I’m grateful as a parent of an 8 year old boy to learn from you of the positive things we can say to our son and the things we can teach him now about accepting his ADHD and not letting the labels from his teachers, other parents and even his classmates stick. All the $ we’ve spent in therapy for the past 3 years, and no one has ever mentioned how to teach our son to accept and grow into his ADHD. Thank you for the white light you have sent our way!

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  5. Adrian, your newsletter has made a remarkable difference in the way I look at things. You have taught me that I am not stupid, scatterbrained (well maybe a little) or any of the other negative things that come from people who have no idea what ADD really is. I still struggle with so many things, but one day I will be able to accomplish something without being so frustrated that I end up sitting down and crying! Thank you for all that you do.

    You are a very special person and I am very excited to be a part of this new beginning.

    • Oh Karen, thank you SO MUCH for your note! Yes…you will be able to accomplish things without getting THAT frustrated. Be gentle with yourself…life can be a whole more fun once you learn the art of appreciating what I think of as the “bounce.” I bounce a lot as I get things done…it can be kind of fascinating when you look at that way. I was kinda shocked when I realized how much consistency there is actually is in the quirky ways I do things. There is hope. Hang in there! : )

  6. I just took a quick look through your Agile Life Design Strategies (I didn’t have enough time to read it thoroughly) and I loved what I saw. I’m looking forward to setting aside some time tomorrow to really read through it. Thank you so much for providing these resources, especially free!

    • Thank you Stephanie for your note! It makes my day! I hope you find some useful nuggets in there. Let me know if you find something especially helpful. : )

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