Classes and Presentations – 2011

This page lists classes and public speaking appearance I’ve given prior to 2012.  I’ve posted excerpts, video clips, and sometimes free access to the complete classes.  Some are downloadable recordings, some are posted on You Tube.

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ADHD Awareness Expo 2011

“3 Keys to Designing your Life to Fit so you can Flourish with ADHD”
I was interviewed by Tara McGillicuddy sharing tips for managing ADHD. Here’s some feedback I got…


Agile Work Design

How to Earn a Living Doing what You Love – Lessons Learned from Happy Hooker 

Video Webinar  2.5 hours, October 7, 2011


Agile Life Design

Enhancing Relationships and Productivity

Interviewed by Akilah Richards for the Excellence in Relationships TeleSummit™  about Agile Life Design and what it takes to design your life and your work to FIT you so that you can have healthier relationships and become more productive.

Full Program

Click to Listen


Spiraling into Success: What it Takes to Change Your Health & Self-Care Habits

Presented to Solaris Whole Health Clients, April, 201l


“Neat & Simple Guide to Money Organizing”

Designing Agile Financial Decision-making, Tasks and Financial Information Systems
Full Day Video Webinar, April 2011

“Peace at Last: Neat and Simple Guide to Paper Organizing”

Blueprint Approach to Designing Agile Paper Organizing Systems
Full Day Video Webinar, March, 2011

“Designed to Change”

Designing Fun, Flexibility, and Function into Your Organizing and Storage Solutions
 Full Day Video Webinar, March, 2011


“Spiraling into Organizing Success”

The real story of how we learn to succeed at organizing
2 hour Video Webinar, March, 2011

 “Making Room to Function with Ease”

Organizing around Meaning and Purpose, the Agile approach to designing function and flow into your life. 4 hour Video Webinar, February, 2011


ADHD SUPPORT TALK Radio Appearances 

“Motivating Yourself to get Organized” 

Listen to the Full Class Recorded  June, 2010

Listen to internet radio with ADHD Support Talk on Blog Talk Radio


“Organizing Your Space. Organizing to Energize Yourself.” 

Listen to the Full Class Recorded May 2010

Listen to internet radio with ADHD Support Talk on Blog Talk Radio

Classes I gave you can find on  

“Quantum Productivity Strategies for ADHD”

Getting Big Results by Making Small Changes from the Inside Out, November 2010
Get access

“Neat and Simple Organizing Strategies” 

May 2010
Get access

“Simplifying Your Life: Strategies that Work for Adult ADHD”

February, 2009

“Overcoming Overspending: Why Adults with AD/HD Overshop and How to Stop”
Virtual ADHD Conference Speaker Oct. 2009

“Spring Cleaning and Organizing”

Click here to Listen


Overcoming Perfectionism” Public Teleclass, June 2010

“Getting Unstuck: 8 Keys to Overcoming Chronic Disorganizing and Harnessing the Strengths of ADHD and Creative Personalities”

Speaker, Organizing Telesummit 2010 hosted by Allison Carter, January 2010

“The Link between Creativity and Disorganization” Speaker at “Prosperity in Practice” Speaker, March 2008

QUANTUM PRODUCTIVITY for ADHD Program October – December 2010

Part 1 “Quantum Productivity Strategies, Small Changes for BIG Results” 2 hours, December, 2010

I made this prior to teaching the 3 part program.

Part 2 “Designing Follow-Through into Your Commitments”  November, 2010

Part 3 “Mindful Organizing Principles” October, 2010


Series of classes I delivered 3 times a month Jan 2009 – December 2010

MAY AND JUNE 2010 (6 part series, 12 Hours)

  • “Embracing the Power of Good Enough!”
  • “Dealing with Perfectionism, Criticism, Sensitivity, and Rejection”

MARCH & APRIL 2010 (6 part series, 12 Hours)

  • “Clearing Resistance”
  • “Motivating Yourself and Finding Your Inspiration”
  • “How to Conquer Procrastination and Magnetize Yourself into Action on Dreaded Tasks and Routines”

JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2010 (6 part series, 12 Hours)

  • “Getting Back on Track – Strengthening Your Resiliency and Using Setbacks as “Windows into your Soul”
  • “Building Self-Acceptance and Dealing with Frustration”


  • “Reducing Stress and Staying Centered” 3 part series, 6 total hours


  • “Prioritizing What Really Matters”  3 part series, 6 total hours


  • “Building Better Boundaries” 3 part series, 6 total hours
  • “Reducing Stress and Clutter by Building Better Boundaries”


  • “Overcoming Overspending” 3 part series, 6 total hours

 AUGUST  2009

  •  “Mastering Your Emotions: The Secret to Effective Clutter Clearing!”
  • “Harness the Power of Your Emotions”
  • “Self-Care Strategies for Mastering Your Emotions”
  • “LIGHTEN UP!!  Strategies for Laughing Your Way to Clearing Clutter!”
  • “Sharing Spaces: Guide to living with people whose organizing styles are different from yours”

JULY 2009

  • “Organizing the Habit of Movement into your Life”
  • “Movement is Life, Clearing Our Resistance”
  • “Get Moving, Small Steps Lead to Big Results”

JUNE 2009

  •  “Organizing 101 “How to Organize Your Home and Your Life! – Organizing around Purpose, Meaning, and Needs Assessment”
  • “Shifting Gears: Handling Transitions, Interruptions and Distractions in Every Day Life”

MAY 2009

  •  “Simplifying Your Life” 3 part series, 6 total hours

APRIL 2009

  • “Dealing with Disappointment”
  • “Simplifiying and Attracting Yourself to Cleaning and Clutter-Clearing – Overcoming your resistance to cleaning and clutter-cleaning”

MARCH, 2009

  • “Overcoming Healthy Eating Challenges”
  • “Overcoming Meal Planning Challenges”
  • “Time and Project Management Strategies”


  • “Take Charge Of Your Finances”, 3 part series, 6 total hours


  • “Making Decisions:  What gets us stuck? What gets us unstuck?” Decision making Process, ADD characteristics, Personality Types and how they affect our decision making
  • “Making Decisions with Ease”

In Person Speaking Engagements Highlights Prior to 2008

  • “Conquer Your Paper Clutter Clutter,” SOMA, May 2007
  • “Get a Neat Start to a New Year,” Mahwah Library, Jan. 2007
  • “Clean Your Home: the Fast and Easy way,” SOMA, Oct. 2006
  • “Let’s Clear Your Clutter,” YM-YWHA, Sept. 2006

Career, Life and Financial Literacy Skills for Teens
United Way, Paramus, NJ, 2003 – 2004
Developed and taught 10 week program for teens living in foster / group homes. Topics include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, filling out job applications, creating a resume, interviewing, and how to keep a job.

“Volunteer Recruiting, & Retention Strategies,”
Dumont Mental Health Centers, 1995

“Fundamentals of Not-for-Profit Boards,”
Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Forum, 1993

“Building Credibility as a Performance Technologist,”
Toronto, NSPI Conference, 1990

Addressing the Seven Aspects of Intelligence in Training,”
Denver, NSPI Conference, 1989

“Computer-Based Learning – Screen Design Principles,”
Washington, DC, NSPI Conference, 1988

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