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Ariane Benefit, Agile Lifestyle and Self-Leadership Coach is the founder of Agile Life Design™  and AgiliZen.  Ariane has been quoted and published extensively on the deeper emotional challenges that come along with being neurodiverse and dealing chronic disorganization, time management, clutter and hoarding difficulties.

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About Ariane

Ariane Benefit, founder of Agile Life Design™  and AgiLiZen  is a highly sought-after coach and passionate speaker. With over 30 years experience partnering with businesses, service professionals, non-profits and individuals to transform performance and get results, she has had an extraordinarily unique opportunity to study human behavior, motivation, systems design, and the impact of human interface design on our ability to change behavior and habits in hundreds of corporate, educational and non-profit contexts.

Working one-on-one with over a thousand people from all walks of life in their offices and homes using the power of design thinking to heal the traumatic patterns of chronic disorganization led her on a journey to give birth to the Agile Life Design™ and AgiliZen frameworks.   Agile Life Design™ provides neurodiverse people including gifted, creative personality types, ADHD and ADD with a revolutionary approach to cultivating personal effectiveness and successAgile Life Design™ is not just a new buzzword for managing life.  It’s a whole new lens for seeing yourself, your life and how to navigate it. 

Ariane holds a Masters’ Degree in Education (Adult Learning, Performance Improvement, Organizational Development) AND advanced specialist certificates in ADD organizing and chronic disorganization.

She has been interviewed by and quoted in such notable publications as The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and The Washington Times. Ariane also freely shares her expertise and views in the popular Neat and Simple Living Blog.

 Ariane has been interviewed and quoted in:

Wall Street Journal
“Declutter Your Career To Make Way for Success”
Feb 6, 2007, page B15.

Psychology Today
Neat Freaks September/October 2006 Issue (Interviewed for Article)

Martha Stewart Living
“Conquer Paper Clutter” March 2007 (Interviewed for Article)

NPR Radio Show
The Sound of Ideas®: Friday, April 25, 2008
“Spring Cleaning” Interviewing Ariane Benefit and The Fly Lady, Marla Cilly.

Adirondak Daily Enterprise (Newspaper)
“Clutter-Free Living”
 May 9, 2008

Washington Times
Sorting out the Problem: Clutterer VS Neat Freak  January 30, 2008

“Got Office Clutter? Start the Year Organized ” December 24, 2007

Contra Costa Times (Newspaper)
“Home office organization saves time, increases efficiency” March 28, 2008
Calls my book the “Neat & Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office” “the Bible of Home office organization.

Orlando Sentinel (Newspaper, Senior News Producer Kris Hey did an in-depth feature interview with me for their “Help Yourself” blog.) “Q&A with NJ Organizing Coach, Ariane Benefit  February 5, 2008

Out Here Magazine
“Create a Home Filing System” Spring 2007

Natural Home Magazine
“Clutter’s Hidden Death Toll” January 2007

Natural Home Magazine
“3 Steps to De-Clutter Your Life” Natural Home
Quoted extensively by Misty McNally on Green Organizing & DeCluttering
January 2007

“The Everything Home Storage Solutions Book”Ariane Benefit
by Iyna Bort Caruso
quoted on pps. 5, 7, 15, 39, 40,and 100, January 2007


“As a resource for my book, Ariane was a real find. She’s passionate about her work, respectful of her clients and full of energy and innovative ideas.”

Iyna Bort Caruso, freelance writer and author of
The Everything Home Storage Solutions Book” (Adams Media)

Public Speaking  & Volunteer Work


  • Career & Life Skills for Teens, United Way, Paramus, NJ, 2003 – 2004
    Developed and taught a 10 week program for teens living in foster / group homes. Topics include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, filling out job applications, creating a resume, interviewing, and how to keep a job.
  • 10 presentations for Toastmasters Certification, 2004
  • “Volunteer Recruiting, & Retention Strategies,” Dumont Mental Health Centers, 1995
  • “Fundamentals of Not-for-Profit Boards,” Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Forum, 1993
  • “Building Credibility as a Performance Technologist,” Toronto, ISPI Conference, 1990
  • Addressing the Seven Aspects of Intelligence in Training,” Denver, ISPI Conference, 1989
  • “CBT Screen Design Principles,” Washington, DC, ISPI Conference, 1988


NJ Life and Leisure Magazine – Monthly Column 
by Ariane Benefit

  • Understanding Chronic Disorganization, Part 1 ” January, 2008
  • “6 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Decorating” December 2007
  • Declutter Your Holiday Greeting Card List” November 2007
  • Taking Charge of Your Paper: The Issue of Categories ” October 2007
  • Taking Charge of Your Paper” September 2007
  • “Neat & Simple Tips for Organizing School Papers” August 2007
  • “Let Go of Clutter & Create Career Success Part 5, Take Charge of Your Paper ” 
    July 2007
  • “Let Go of Clutter & Create Career Success Part 4, Organize Your Workspace ” 
    June 2007
  • “Let Go of Clutter & Create Career Success Part 3, De-Clutter Your Office” 
    May 2007
  • “Let Go of Clutter & Create Career Success Part 2, Set Goals You are Passionate About “ April 2007
  • “Let Go of Clutter & Create Career Success Part 1, Establish Compelling Priorities March 2007
  • “How Do I Know if I Should Keep or Let Go of My Collection?” February 2007
  • “Organizing Tips For a Stress-free Tax Season” January 2007
  • “20 Tips for Organizing for Simpler, Happier Holidays” December 2006
  • Choosing the Right Planner for you” November 2006
  • Choosing the right planner for Time Management, UPDATED VERSION, 2009
  • “Choosing the Right Spice Storage” October 2006
  • Managing Kids’ Backpacks for School Success” September 2006
  • “Clearing Clutter Pays Off” August 2006
  • “10 Most Common Filing Mistakes” July 2006
  • Organizing Kids Toys” June 2006

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