What is Agile Life Design?

Trying to fix yourself to fit your vision of how you “should” be, or how you “should” do things, doesn’t work in the long term.  What really works is learning how to design your life to fit you as you are – AND – to grow with you as you evolve.  I call this Agile Life Design.

Agile Life Design™ is about seeing your life as a learning laboratory – a kind of design studio where you get to experience life as an adventure in learning about yourself and how you organically learn, evolve, and grow.

For example, a key skill in  Agilizen is learning how to use Agile SMART Goals to lead and coach yourself  to “acquire a taste” for doing what you know is good for you, but somehow you can’t get yourself to do it.  When you do things in a way that fits you  – it naturally feels good to do it.

You can learn to like things that are “good for you” — even if you currently dislike or resist doing them.  It’s a power tool we all have, but most of us don’t have an instructional manual for mastering it. Together, Agile Life Design™, Agile Goals and AgiliZen™ provide that manual.

  • You can teach yourself to LOVE the power of setting limits.
  • You can teach yourself to LOVE saying NO to commitments that you don’t really have the time or energy to follow through on.
  • You can even learn to LOVE letting go of clutter.

We emerge victorious when we feel entitled to:

  • embrace our strengths
  • own our imperfections
  • release shame
  • feel we already are good enough even as we continue to seek to grow.

We win the bigger game of life when we are able to

  • see ourselves in our wholeness
  • fill the holes in our souls with self-compassion
  • cultivate our strengths as we create a new story about who we are.

Although our potential is not actually limitless, our potential is not fixed – it evolves and changes as often as we do.  Mastering the 8 Dances of Life using Agile Life Design skills along with the AgiliZen Self-Leadership mindset, expands your potential to manifest the more satisfying life you having been yearning for and maybe even looking in all the wrong places for.

No matter where you are starting from, it is possible for you to become more confident, more comfortable in your own skin, less overwhelmed, less cluttered and more organized.

You can evolve in ways you can’t even imagine right now. You can heal addictions, change unwanted habits, and cultivate and shape new habits.

AgiliZen is about adding skills and resources to your success toolkit and empowering you to design your own unique path to success.

 AgiliZen doesn’t give you all the answers, but it does equip you to design life that fits you, brings out the best in you now, and changes with you as you evolve. 

 Ready to to learn more? 

Get your free AgiliZen Agile Life Design ToolKit here



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